A Show Of Support For The Naperville Police Department

With the influx of $2.8 million of additional revenue for the City from the recent special census equating to about $800,000 per year thru the year 2020 until the next census, Naperville has an opportunity to invest money in numerous areas of needs and wants. One area that’s both a need and a want would be the Naperville Police Department.

It’s becoming widely known that Naperville is a great community to raise a family; it’s both safe and affluent. It’s also becoming a day-destination for ne’er-do-wells. We are seeing an increase of brazen crime including everything from purse-snatching to auto theft and break-ins. This is no fault of the Naperville Police Department; it’s a matter of numbers, more bad guys and not enough good guys.

That alone should be reason enough to shore up the police department with additional police officers and proper equipment. Add to that, the news we see daily with unrest in country in the form of unruly protests and worldly concerns, makes additional policing a need and a want. Fortunately most of us don’t come in contact with an increase in crime. However what we do see on a daily basis is a proliferation of inconsiderate drivers.

Recently residents were sharing their frustrations on a website/communication (Next Door Meadow Glens) specifically mentioning the intersection of Wehrli Road and Bailey, and how drivers see the stop sign as a suggestion rather than a rule of law. It’s not happening just there but everywhere. Driving etiquette has become passe. It’s next to impossible to drive to your destination without seeing any one or more of the following infractions:

  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to stop
  • Failure to yield
  • Following too closely
  • Improper lane usage
  • Lane change in an intersection
  • Light violation
  • Noise level
  • No turn signal
  • Passing in a no-passing zone
  • Speeding

Is there anything more irritating than driving the speed limit and have someone tailgating you to the point you can’t see their headlights. Again, no fault of the Naperville Police Department, there just aren’t enough eyes to reign in inconsiderate drivers. A show of financial support for the NPD would be a step in the right direction.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    I support our police but we don’t need more of them but rather city council members and citizens who don’t invite disaster by advocating for craziness like sanctuary cities, gay pride parades, anti-1st and 2ed amendment codes and laws, fraudulent elections by not requiring voter ID etc., etc.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      WOW, were to being. OK, lets start with LGBT community. It is not against the law to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. There is no evidence that to indicate members of this community are any more likely to engage in criminal activity then white males. And while I have heard of riots breaking out at political rallies (most recently Trump rallies), 2nd Amendment rallies, Anti-abortion rallies, Sports Team rallies, etc I have never hear of any riot at a gay pride parade. So not sure how betting up on members of the LGBT community is going to make Naperville Safer. Please provide detailed explanation and supporting data.

      The only increase in crime resulting from illegal aliens, is the targeting of these human beings by the existence criminal and fascist factions that already exist in our community. The fact that they are easily victimized by the low-lives that already exist and thriving in our community is not the fault of these victims but of “good” citizens that like put the blame on victims and thus encourage & empower the behavior of these low-lives. Again crime statistic show that illegal immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal activity then white males. So all sanctuary cities are doing is making life hard for the low-lives and fascist the like to victimize illegal aliens, being a sanctuary city does not let criminals go unpunished. All the data indicates just the opposite. So I re-iterate, please provide detailed explanation and supporting data to support your assertion that sanctuary status make our community less safe.

      Not sure what you mean by anti-1st amendment. The 1st amendment covers a lot of ground, including freedom of the press; you know that group of people Trump has declared war on. But while I agree with you that present administration’s use of White House and Presidential authority to carry out a war on free press using the “fake news” propaganda machine is wrong, unethical and a violation of the spirit of the US Constitution, it unfortunately is not against the law. So please provide more specific details of your anti-1st amendment claim and how increasing crime rates.

      Exactly what city code (ordinance) has been enact that infringes on 2nd amendment right? I am not aware of any city ordinance that has anything to do with the second amendment.

      All the data and investigations into voter fraud indicates it is so rare it basically does not exist. This is one of these gas lighting issues thrown out from time to time to bait people into a discussion that distracts them from real issues, proven to have negative effects on our community and democracy, like the past and on going Russian interference in our elections, which the present administration has deceive to marginalize and do nothing about.

      • Gerard H Schilling

        Spoken like a true delusional, liberal anti-Trumper who speaks the Democrat party line and would prefer debasing and besmirching not only the country but it’s current elected leader while providing cover for criminal illegals over law abiding citizens. Good luck with that approach as crime will continue to increase and we too can end up like SF, LA and Detroit based on crazy Democrat policies and programs.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Nice to have you verify that you can not provide any proof of your claims, just re-iterate Fox and Friends propaganda.

          P.S. I spent over 21 years of my life in the military defending this country, its citizens and its constitution, that is how strongly I believe in this country, what is stands for and the democratic process. How many combat zone have you served in?

          P.S.S. I have served as a Republican Party Precinct Captain, what have you done to further the conservative cause, insure secure & free elections and promote voter engagement?

          • Gerard H Schilling

            I also served for four years in the USAF and served in elected, appointed and voluntary organizations throughout my adult years. I’m 75 and seen all kinds and types of liberal do gooders who love to spend other peoples money while playing the righteous indignation role. You my friend are just one more of them.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Based on your age it is clear you served because you were drafted, I served because I believed in my duty to my country so I volunteered. Also unless the Republican party is now considered liberal, I am wondering how you come to the conclusion I am a liberal (I am not, nor have I ever been involved with the democratic party in anyway).

          • Gerard H Schilling

            I believe in the duck theory versus what one calls himself. If it has all the characteristics of a duck than it is a duck. In your case it’s called a RINO.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          You say I am a RINO, but what is a Republican? Here is some history of the GOP and past Republicans,

          The GOP platform for Eisenhower election stated :
          “We are proud of and shall continue our far-reaching and sound advances in matters of basic human needs—expansion of social security—broadened coverage in unemployment insurance —improved housing—and better health protection for all our people. We are determined that our government remain warmly responsive to the urgent social and economic problems of our people.”

          As president Eisenhower:

          Strengthened legal protections for migrant workers, pushed for equal pay for women, strengthen laws to protect unions and union members rights, and vehemently fought to maintained a 91% tax bracket for the rich. Further he stated that :

          “Should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things, but their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

          President Nixon:

          Grew the government, strongly supported the EPA and OSHA – expanding the regulatory authority of both. He strengthen social security and massively cut military spending while increasing spending on social programs (healthcare, medicare, medicaid, etc)

          Gerald Ford:

          Enacted increased social program spending on education & healthcare. He supported the right to of women to choose and gay rights. He also believed that Supreme court justices should be judged on their legal abilities not political leanings so ended up appointed two liberal judges to SCOTUS.


          He the grew size of the federal government, tripling the national debt. He also pardon 3 million illegal immigrants and enacted the assault rifle ban.

          George HW Bush:

          Banned import of semi-auto rifles, increase taxes, tightened air quality standards and regulations and expanded unemployment benefits.

          GW Bush:

          Enacted the No Child Left Behind legislation thus expanding the size and role of the Department of Education. He also expanded Medicare to cover prescription medications and grew the size of the government. We was against reducing labor and environmental laws, and fought against privatization of medicare.

          These are all liberal actions. If being a Republican means not believing in or supporting anything that might be considered liberal in nature then all of these Republican Presidents were RINOs. In fact by this standard there has never been a true Republican President.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Here is an idea – use the extra money to cover expenses the City has already inquired, like pension debt.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Presently the city is using part of the Home Rule sales tax and part of the Food and Beverage Tax to make additional payments for fire and police pensions. There is talk by city officials to also use part of these additional dollars to make additional payments as well.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    While your list is quit good you missed:

    illegal turns
    illegal parking
    illegal standing
    blocking intersections

  4. Ann

    It appears, Jim, in this swatting platform and ring of opportunity to circumvent anyone (Gerald) who opposes your way of thinking to a trial hearing of judgment given as to who has the best evidence of proof in stating their sufficient reasons and logic for putting a stop to something that can overtake a location in subtle terms of occupancy by laying low and discreet to those who enter and appear to have no other hidden agenda (illegals) other than to be law abiding citizens. The configuration and swarming numbers of the enormous settlers (welcoming all to the point of disregarding the laws and rules to exist in any town or major city of their choosing) is to enter and maintain their positions of being welcomed and to further mock and bury our rules since they are meaningless once entering their choice of habitat. The City of Chicago in their obvious lack of attention to disrupting a respectable and income producing City for those seeking asylum, is that the Chicago council members have failed to delivered the goods in providing for these wanderers and law breaking individuals. A hoax of opportunity (since many cannot find jobs in Chicago) so they swarm into communities where it appears that job seeking and quality education will shed some light on their plight. My ancestry did everything by the books and laws for fear they would be sent back on a boat from whence they came. Today, the invaders are making their own rules to suit themselves and not the gratitude of the community. Your mention of war involvement be it volunteer or had to be drafted does not show proof of entry that a man came out of it a better soldier no matter how he was placed in battle to begin with. You appear to be the thumping warrior of what you feel is the only acceptable justification of any disruption occurring in Naperville because you have a background of evidence in knowing better than those who oppose a slight hint of Liberal domain of attitude, feelings, occupancy. The Code Enforcement in our town has been cut by several million dollars and that having been put into effect, has lessened the ability of their jobs to enforce many incidents and displays of wrong doing since their hands are now tied and less effective. Soon, those residing here will be able to receive and get what they want and not what the town says is enforceable and appropriate and instituted by laws of years passed. I am not speaking of the Police Department in this matter. It is also now known that John McCain is a liberal, moderate Conservative. With a semblance of confusion of what he really hopes to accomplish as Senator, the Conservative Party you served as Precinct Captain would appear to have lost a notable enforcement officer who took his job seriously in the strongest terms of law abiding beliefs.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Again you make claims of illegals being criminal, when all the stats say they are less likely to commit a crime then the average US citizens. You blame these people for the crime and lawlessness you see in Chicago and locally, but crime stats tell a different story. The story of young people born and raised in this country who’s parent (be they poor and powerless or rich and affluent) have failed to raise these young people to be law abiding citizens. Instead these parents have raised children that feel they are owed a good life by the community and have none of the gratitude you mentioned, for what the community has already given them and the opportunities it has provide them with. This attitude you claim is destroying the fabric of US society is not being imported into the US by immigrants, it is being home grown (organically occurring) by parents that have failed society by raising children that believe they are entitled to a good and happy no matter what. Children that believe society owes them, not that they owe society. There are roughly 11 million undocumented (illegal) immigrants in the US and only about half are Hispanic and less then half enter the US by illegally crossing a border. There were roughly 2.5 billion crimes committed in the US last year. If illegals were the cause of these crimes that would mean each illegal (including toddlers and infants) committed 227 crimes or roughly 2 crimes every 3 days. If you remove all the children age 10 or less, all the illegals in detention centers and all the non-Hispanics this number becomes even more ridiculous. Using illegals as scapegoats for these problems will not solve them. Accepting the reality and responsibility for these problems is the only chance for finding a solution.

      I do not understand the obsession with the City of Chicago by people living in this state. First the corruption and mismanagement in Chicago goes back to the 1800’s and was not something that just “poof” magically appeared in the last couple of decades. The government that exists in Chicago today was born during the time of political machines and bosses, that controlled elections and thus those elected. This situation is unique only to city that were large during this era of politics. City like Boston, New York, Kansas City, Detroit, etc. There is no rational reason to assume a municipality that was not born of corruption should suddenly become a haven for corruption. Are these municipalities susceptible to acts of corruptions by individuals? Yes, any organization (corporation, charity, government) is. And it has less to do with the nature of the organization then the nature of the individual committing the act. Basically, when people start making apples and broccoli comparisons between our local governments and those of Chicago and Cook County I recognize it for the fixation it is and move on since nothing productive can possible come for setting foot on that dead end and meaningless trail.

      The reduction of the budget of code enforcement (and other city departments) is due to the demands of citizens/voters (people like Mr. Schilling) that keep telling city officials to reduce city spending at all costs. Even though the city has been in budget cutting mode for over 10 years now while inflation has erode city spend power by close to 20% during this same period. This has resulted in reducing the frequency at which city streets receive maintenance, frequency that parkway trees are trimmed, number of scrub pickup days per year, increasing the level of snow needed before city starts plowing operations, delays in major capital projects like fixing the central parking deck or replacing the Washington street bridge and has been the driving force behind increases in fees and tax rates as well as the implementation of the HRST. It is this budget reduction mentality that is the greatest risk to law and order in our community, because of this attitude enforcement manpower has basically remained stagnant while our city’s population and law enforcement needs continues to grow.

      You, like many others ultra conservatives, have clearly bought into the Fox and Friends mentality that Sanctuary (Welcoming) cities are about allowing illegals that commit crimes to go free. That simply is not true, these cities have merely adopted a policy that states its police force will not detain anyone solely because their immigration status is in questions. Anyone that commits a crime, without regard to their immigration status, is held and charged in accordance to the established criminal laws of this country. No exceptions! What the present administration wants is for local law enforcement to detain people bases solely on their immigration status and not what, if any, crime they have committed. It is interesting how this administration keeps saying that local and state governments have no authority with regard to immigration but wants them to enforce the very thing they have no authority to implement. I also find it interesting how ultra conservatives that constantly preach against federal interference in state and local government suddenly support the federal government reaching into local law enforcement and drafting them into the federal roll of immigration enforcement with complete disregard for local government authority.

      As to how your ancestors entered this country, unless they immigrated to the US after 1917, then their method of immigration into this country was not any different then that of the people today that cross the borders or in some other way enter the US without prior approval. The US government did not even begin officially monitoring immigration until 1892. Prior to this time each entry point (state) oversaw and regulated immigration (focus was primarily on making sure they were in good health and did not have a contagious disease). There were no quotes and citizenship statues was granted upon clearing customs. In 1917 the first federal regulation on immigration was enacted, it require that immigrants be literate (could read and write). The first quotas were enacted in 1921 and were loosely based on the nationality of all existing citizens. This quota system was reformed to what we have today in 1952. And the creation of the immigration system we have today, including the creation of the permanent residency status, visa requirements and path to citizenship practices of today were enacted in 1965. The only substantive change to these law was the adoption of the international refuge status in 1980. So unless your ancestors immigrated to the US after 1965 legal immigration was simply, immigrate early in the year before the quotas were filled (again no prior permission was required) and be able to read and write.

      The fact that you consider John McCain a moderate Conservative and therefore basically a liberal speaks volumes as to your political philosophy. To consider McCain, a mainstream conservative and Republican, a liberal would mean your political philosophy is well outside the realm of mainstream conservatives and the GOP. It is not a failing of the GOP organization to have people like McCain as members, they have not “lost a notable enforcement officer who took his job seriously” they just have not caved to the pressure of shifting acceptable membership to only ultra conservatives. It is interesting that you consider the continued inclusion of moderate conservative in the GOP a failing in “terms of law abiding beliefs” because it has long been my position that ultra conservative (Tea Party types) should not be allowed in the GOP, that the only reason they can survive as a political entity is as a parasite on the GOP. And that if ultra conservatives were thrown out of the GOP the Republican party would experience a revival and grow stronger again while these extremist conservative factions would quickly die and fade from history (this also holds true for the extremist elements in the Democratic Party – people like Sanders. Sever his parasitic connection to the DNC and he will shrivel up and die).

  5. Ann

    You have a problem Mr. Hasselhorst and it cannot be fixed. You liken in character to a Naperville Bernie Sanders. He will never stop with his words of disgracing this country and screams to be heard. Your response demonstrates a knotted twist of self righteousness and refuse to accept that “to enter this country in enormous numbers without following the Constitutional Laws, is 120 % OK and we need to stop pouncing on these people”. Let them consume every square foot within our states as they see fit. Where is Kathy Griffin when you need her to deliver the head of an elephant to your doorstep ?? Only then will you take a few steps back and reflect on the insidiousness of your words and factual archives of the greatest truth of all……………………..only what you reveal and believe in should be the accepted norm and inscription engraved at the footsteps of City Hall. The notable enforcement officer was your one time appointment as Republican Precinct Captain and was not attributing that to Sen. John McCain. You fail to understand much of what I’ve said in my prior email. It just does not register in thought and meaning. Ann

    • Jim Haselhorst

      First off the US Constitution does not even discuss immigration, so there is no Constitutional Law on this subject. The constitution does give congress the authority to establish a process of naturalization for immigrants to become citizens, but congress did not exercise this power until 1965.

      Second, over 1/3 of the lands now in the US were originally settled by people of Hispanic decent, it was under the premise of manifest destiny that these lands were taken from these Hispanic settlers, made part of the US and then given to US citizens. It is ironic that you accuse these people of wanting to “consume every square foot” when that is exactly what US citizens did, under the protection of the US government, to them in the name of Manifest Destiny.

      Third, I have the greatest respect for the US and its laws, which is why I speak up the way I do and don’t back down. I did not spend so much of my life defending this country and the principle it was founded on to so easily give control of it to people that claim to be supporters of the Constitution and the Laws of this country while at the same time encouraging and supporting actions that violate the very foundation and principles this country was founded on. I quote:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      No where in these words, the words of the rest of this document, the words of the US Constitution, the words of the founding fathers in the Federalist Papers or the laws that govern this Nation does it say these rights belong only to US citizens. When we allow the leaders of our country to act as though some people have more rights then others, are more constitutionally protected, are better, are superior; then we, as a Nation, have become the very government the Declaration of Independence spoke out against. For this is exactly what the people of England had allowed the King to do with the loyal English citizens living in the Americas, our founding fathers.

      Fourth, “these” people are not entering this country in enormous numbers. In fact their numbers have decreased steadily since 2005, with only a few thousand entering the US by crossing our southern border. The number of people attempting to cross has also been steadily declining since 2005 by over 67% for the year ending 2016 and has remained constant since then. Two Thirds of all border crossers living in the US have lived here for over 10 years and the total population of this group has drop from 12.3 in 2007 to 11.1 million in to 2016. These numbers come from the US Border Patrol and US Customs and Immigration. Further, DHS notes that the only significant increase in the undocumented immigrants population is from the group that enters this country on a valid visa but does not leave when their visa expires (presently this group makes up 65% of the US undocumented population). Homeland Security estimates between 400,000 to 650,000 undocumented immigrants enter the US by overstaying their visa. These people are European, Asian, African, etc. and present the greatest threat to National Security.

      Finally, you imply I have a mental defect or problem because I asked you to provide some evidence to support your claims. This is a frequent (favor) tactic of people who find their beliefs challenged but are unable to provide any rational argument, explanation, information, facts, etc. to support what they claim to be “the truth”. Marginalizing those who question their “truth” makes it easy to ignore them. To pronounce them perpetrators of “Fake News” and declare them as having a problem that “cannot be fixed”. I have no fear of how people might judge my actions in the future and have no problem waiting for that judgement. In claiming your have some special power to know the future and how it will judge me, you, however, demonstrates so great a concern for how the future will judge you that you must make some attempt in the present to influence that judgement in the future.

  6. Ann

    Oh, my…………………..Oh, my……………….Oh, my…………
    Just when I thought I was finished with you……………..you pull me back in. So be it.
    In all my years of Journalism, your distinguished character and ring tone of rebuttal is a crying out of a man who craves and insists on a great deal of attention getting. You elaborate to the extent that your words are becoming tiresome and soon begin to illustrate boredom and without that energizing spark of more clarification of a better understanding of where we stand today and what you feel is absolutely necessary to bring more and more attention to your logic and well documented archives of truth, whereas, the rest of us haven’t a clue and our knowledge and experiences supporting our country does not matter to you. In fact what I have to say and Mr. Schilling is a vapid response to the real hard core issues we face today. Yes, immigration is one of them and I can almost predict that you are beginning to show (probably for many years now?) a display of condoning Socialism and it just might be a great idea for this entire nation to hand over our value systems and give into the ultimate movement of insanity and lack of brain enhancement…………………..and become a nation of rebellion and never ending free loading. Down with Capitalism since it serves very little in its approach to fight the battle for survival.
    I find it inconceivable that when our Forefathers created the “Constitution For The People” that it is now viewed by your home base of admirers and a total convert that you appear to have become…………….a shriveled up edict that no longer applies to the nation in its archaic state. .Every now and then you draw yourself back in spirituality and factuality in wanting people to recognize your greatness and in depth condemnation towards those who beg to differ with you. Your fact finding artillery is an attempt to establish (with as many supporters as you can find) a new preamble of definition indicating that “we do not have to listen to anyone of authority”. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and the judges in the states shall be bound not withstanding.
    The Immigration cargo of predators on the swarm and momentarily causing pause and withdrawal, but not ever to be underestimated since most battles are won with insurmountable numbers capturing new territories and forming their launching annihilation from those bases. I find it totally astounding that you feel, once here, the immigrants are entitled to whatever we have or to share within our means. Take from our children and families, churches, educational foundations and supply them with an endless trove of opportunity and continuous flow of sweet cakes.
    The Constitution may not discuss immigration, but it is the people of this nation that continues to uphold the Constitutional document created by an embodiment of people that seemed to excel in the type of intelligence that was way ahead of our time. Whether lands were settled by Hispanic decent or other, does not give them the right to now claim what is rightfully theirs and push all others aside. It appears as if we Americans will be assuming a new title of “Subserviant to the Originators”. Many battles were fought for the division of lands and the U.S. Calvary conceded to allow the American Indians to maintain entitlement of various quantities. We speak, today, of a new type of entitlement………………….push, annihilate, reach out and grab and then run like hell. Possession is 9/10 of the Law. I have to wonder if our nation reacted the same way the “swarm” is doing today (14 million and will pick up again in time), whether their countries would look upon us, accepting, in the same manner as what is being done to us by the current infestation of immigrants with the largest number going towards the Latino culture ?? You appear to be a man having not much to do in your current life and found a source of entertainment to give you the gumption to keep moving ahead. I see you as a burly large dog that does an incessant amount of “loud barking” and whose tail is growing shorter and shorter by the month. This site has kept you in jolly spirits and very amused. A free ice cream cone is never to be wasted. Ann

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Again, lots of rhetoric, words without substance. Not a single statement of fact. Ironic you should call me an egotist, when your every word screams “I am superior to you and those lowly Hispanics”. Rather then engage in a rationals discussion of a real world situation to find a common ground to build a solution on, you have chosen to surround yourself with words in a manner analogous to a “true Patriot rapping themselves in the stars and stripes”. As to calling me a dog, congratulations you have completed your transformation in to a true Trumpster.

      • Marie

        Jim you want to discuss facts? This statement from one of your posts confirms you are not discussing facts but rather your opinion. You said, “Again you make claims of illegals being criminal, when all the stats say they are less likely to commit a crime then the average US citizens” An illegal immigrant is breaking our laws just by being in the country which means they are committing a crime. I am a third generation American of Mexican heritage and I thank God my family made the decision to became Americans many years ago. This country is a nation of immigrants and is the greatest country in the world because of it. We are also a nation of laws and to pick and choose which laws to abide is a slippery slope. Just because someone doesn’t like a law doesn’t mean it can or should be broken.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          The term illegal immigrant use to be used exclusively to refer to people that had entered the US through a border without approval and all others as undocumented immigrants. This was because there is a law making entry by crossing the border without permission a misdemeanor offense, but there is no law making over staying a visa or work permit a crime (undocumented immigrants). In today’s politically polarized atmosphere these undocumented immigrants are being referred to as illegal immigrants as well. So it is possible to be classified an illegal immigrant and not violate any US law (not having committed any crime).

          You mention you are a third generation American of Mexican heritage this would mean your grandparent immigrated to the US prior to 1965 when the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed. Prior to this time it was not illegal to enter the US without prior approval and was in fact the way most immigrants got into the US. The only requirement for citizenship prior to 1965 was that you had to be able to read and write, were healthy (not suffering from any contagious disease), registered your entry and paid your registration fee. If you did this you were automatically given residency status.

          Illegal immigrants in the US also want to be citizens but because of the more restrictive immigration laws that went into effect in 1990, this is much harder. These new laws have all sorts of catch 22’s that trip up people wanting to immigrate to the US.

          I have a friend who worked in Singapore for a US company for several decades, During his time in Singapore he met and married a local woman. When they decide to get her US citizenship they were told it would that 5 year to process her application and vet her before allowing her to come to the US as his wife. If during this time she tries to enter the US for any reason (work, vacation, quick visit with her husband) her application would be rejected. I also have a friend who’s son married a local girl while he was working in Spain and is having to go through this same process. The presently live in England because the British laws allow them to work and remain together while navigating the morass that is today’s US immigration laws. These people are lucky because the can afford the immigration lawyers needed today.

          As to us being a nation of laws and the pandora’s box picking and choosing which law to obey, I can provide several cases that challenge your statement about not braking law we do not like. The first and most obvious is speeding along with a myriad of other laws listed in this article and my earlier post. There is also the laws regulating Alcohol, Tobacco and drugs that are commonly broken. But the biggest is Adultery which is still a crime, but one public prosecutors stop enforcing about 75 years ago.

  7. Ann

    It has been revealed today that the children who crossed illegally have vanished. Not to be found and perhaps the swarm is moving north ?? They know what they have to do to remain in the U.S. unscathed. Some have moved into Canada. I wonder how the Canadians will begin to face the invasion to a country not settled by the Hispanic culture ? Expecting the “sweet cakes” of life and liberty……………..they’re determined to push their way through many obstacles confronting them. Ann

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Hundreds of Children, taken from their parents by the US government and placed in cages and pens like the ones used to house cats and dogs at the city pound, can’t be found because the US government spent less time and thought in documenting and tracking their serial relocations then they do for office supplies and you somehow feel this situations is an appropriate target for your flippant witticism.

      No doubt you have also deceived yourself into believing your a good Christian.

  8. Ann

    You pride yourself in responding to all postings from this site for months on end in history and familiarity of the name “Jim Hasselhorst.”. “Oh no, not that guy again”. Doesn’t miss a beat. Right on top of every posting from Watchdog. I do not believe many sit impatiently awaiting your exceptional comments and truths within the political arena. False perceptions of rhetoric offering no evidence a solution that is apparently missing on my part?? It would appear that your yearly involvement in attaching yourself to issues raised on Watchdog would have come up with a solution to these problems both in and outside of this community by now. You have not done so, yet take the prize in Webster volumes of having made the most statements and lengthy paragraphs in every imaginable heading in Comments and Reviews. Once again, this is a site that occupies your mind daily since you find you have so little to do with yourself than stomp on every citizen’s perceptions and feelings since they know nothing standing next to the “Goliath of phraseology in the Western Burbs”. My solution ?? Simple. Deposit and direct all these newcomers to your doorstep for a brief introduction into the origin of development of the United States and how you alone, as a volunteer, accomplished much more than any Senator or Representative nominated. Honestly, you have no solution to the problems we face. You just like to bark. Ego does not lie within my being. You most certainly take the trophy. Ann

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Another false and unsupported claim by you. I do not post comments on every Watchdog article. This is easily verified by anyone taking the time to review all the Watchdog articles posted over the last couple of years. If you do happen to decided to check the last couple of years of Watchdog posts you will find one person who does post a comment on every article by the Watchdog. That would be Gerard H Schilling, interesting how you attack me as a lonely egotist needing to find public approval and attention by always posting on the Watchdog, but you do not level this same criticism of Mr Schilling, who post on this page more often then me. The only deference I can see is that you agree with his politics and disagree with mine. So much for your lofty ideals and standards.

      When I do post it is not always a reply to someone elses comment on a Watchdog article. Most of my posts are about relevant information that I believe the Watchdog forgot or failed to mention in his article.

      Finally, I have never claimed to know the solutions for all the problems in the world and my posts are generally directed on keeping the focus of these discussions on the current issues in our community not in this state of this nation. To my thinking the Watchdog is about discussing local needs and issues which tend to be non-partisan, not national politics which tend to be very polarized today. This page is after all called the City Council Watchdog.

  9. Ann

    A position noteworthy of your involvement for all solutions……………….the replacement of our Attorney General handed down to you. Solution in my estimation is………………….port of entry begins at your doorstep, whereby, you meet all with a stamp of approval and with maps in hand, to outline where they need to go to achieve their dreams. You now have one of my solutions in hand and less verbiage. Ann

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Whether or not the US Attorney General needs to be replace is a decision for the President, who appointed him, and no one else.

      As I pointed out the problem with immigration is not with those crossing into the US from the borders but those entering the US viva our airports and seaports that do not leave when their visas expire. These are people with the education and training needed to get the type of jobs most US citizens seek (not the migrant farming and manual labor jobs that those entering the US through a border hold and most US citizens do not want). The growth rate of the visa overstaying undocumented immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc is 5 times that of those crossing the border, yet you seem to have no concern for them. You chose instead to target the group who’s numbers have been steady shrinking since 2008 and who’s total numbers have drop to 67% of there 2008 totals by year’s end 2016.

      I do not support the idea of giving all undocumented immigrants, whether they enter by airport, seaport or border, citizenship nor have I ever stated I do. I do support treating them all the same way without regard to origin or nature of immigration. I do support treating them like human beings and not animals. I do support finding a path to citizenship for people brought to this country by their parents as children that have never committed a crime, are responsible members of their communities and practitioners of good citizenship. Deporting these people does not make the US stronger or great.

  10. Ann

    Sometimes, as someone said, you’re a duck also. I guess that makes them an egotist as well ?? My Christian values are held strong along with strong worship. You use and insert Christianity as a basis to draw more attention to yourself. Falsehoods abound.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Your evaluation of Mr Schilling is your words and perceptions not mine. While I have challenged his position on local issues from time to time, I have never accused him of being an egotist. I perceive him as a person with strong anti-government beliefs, which I do not agree with. It is my perception that he see all government as evil and unnecessary while I see government as a necessary evil; for without it those individuals and corporations in our society that see people as and exploitable resource would go unchecked.

      I have never professed my religious beliefs on this website, but your response does provide credence to my statement.

  11. Gerard H Schilling

    Don’t normally get involved with other people’s quotes or opinions unless they comment on one of mine. Debate and discussion usually involves objective data available from numerous sources and can be verified by going to government records on crime, immigration, employment, debt, welfare programs, census, voter fraud etc.

    Have a supercilious, blowhard taking umbrage with anyone’s real concern about our countries debased value systems which in the end analysis results in her weakness and in the extreme might result in her demise in crazy.

    Lastly to attack Ann and others because they care about their country, its people, its value systems, its law and order and patriotism in lieu of supporting illegal aliens whether by crossing the border or overstaying visas misses the point. If they were not here in the first place 5,000 plus citizens would not lose their lives by them and over 60k serious crimes against us would not take place annually. In addition the cost on schools and social services are bankrupting many states like California which has 40+% of illegals.

    When arguments fail and the race card doesn’t work these same folks drop the Christian card knowing 80% of our population are Christian. Any other time they are more then happy to trash that religion also.

    To take continual shots at dedicated people who started and are members of tea parties, Trump voters and believe this country was once great and will be great again is the height of insanity unless you really want to see her destroyed. We as well as you are entitled to your opinion and you lost the election so get over it!

  12. Ann

    Hang on, Gerard………………for Jim Haselhorst will hunt you down this evening. At least 18 paragraphs staring you down, whereby, with his runaway train verbiage and concrete facts of official involvement in politics………………he doesn’t have a clue as to how to solve the problems this country is facing and expected to become worse. I do not drape myself in the American flag embracing Conservatism as he says, but instead place a flag at the grave sight of those who died for the flag. Ann

    • Gerard H Schilling

      Ann, having big shoulders and deep abiding love for this country, its people and the founders vision by creating her Constitution; I feel privileged being able to defend it and pass on to my kids and grandkids what others before gave to us. Guys like Jim are conflicted to say the least and will argue any side of the issue just for the sake of arguing. By responding we just egg him on but it is fun sometimes. I enjoyed your responses to him.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      I spent many years providing funeral honors for veterans. I have placed many flags on and in coffins as well has in the hands of many bereaved family members on behalf the United States. I find you flippant attitude towards this time honor military tradition not just disrespectful but offensive. The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life was hand a wife the flag off her husband coffin.

  13. Ann

    Would just like to say and then I am concluding this tirade you have going because in simple terms………………I just do not like you. Your character demonstrates (1) huge ego, (2) exemplary fact checker, (3) extremely rigid and stubborn in wanting to believe that the opposing party in office will try their best to upright this country for the betterment of the people, (4) admonishing both negative and positive of past President’s and their accomplishments, (5) intention of anyone who reads your comments and reviews to render them into a state of confusion and further frustration and disappointment. I have achieved awards as a fact finder, but in no way do I want to spend the rest of the year doing battle with you. This is a marvelous game challenger of darts and daggers for you and gleefully you cannot wait for the next mode of attack upon arising each morning.
    My background in Journalism led me to contribute to various newspapers on the eastern coast and several advertising agencies in Chicago. To each President you outlined of their attempts and accomplishments in summary all that contributed to their greatness and sometimes dismantling, is today still opened for a challenge. I have no Law Degree, but I leave what you have highlighted in your above emails for them to write in and challenge you. Hopefully, a lawyer reads the Watchdog and will confront your facts and motives. I have far more important things to do in order to survive in this nation than to spend my time going around and around in circles with you at the helm bringing up another topic to keep the ball rolling. You need a lot, a lot of attention (I describe that as a childhood drawback and now you want it back). I do not know how long Mr. Schilling has been attending Council meetings or spending time on this site. I am fairly new here in writing. This site was created because there was a need for people to display their concerns and to, hopefully, keep improving this town because the people within are some of the finest citizens one can find to do just that. My strong patriotism for this country, which I love, is certainly counter to your words given in all of your emails. I read this site to gain knowledge as to which direction our elected officials are taking for us all. When the flood gates open and the country is faced with a tsunami of invaders, be it Mother Nature or human………………the immediate reaction of officials is to try to enclose containment and then get to the problem of eradication. Fencing in children and caging is not our preference and goal, but we must find a place to hold these people back until we can deal with deportation in a well documented collection. Every Senator and Representative and elected political office, President, has children and grandchildren and in no way do I believe that we are barbarians or animals in caging children for sport and media exposure highlights. The more you talk, the more I see a Michael Moore in our town. Scary individual. Best of luck to you on this site and I hope to see you soon with a megaphone on the steps of City Hall and maybe the Civic Center in Chicago. Ann

  14. Jim Haselhorst

    You suggest that objective data can be verified on on the Internet. Taking your advise I can not find any source that supports your claim of 5000+ citizens killed and 60K serious crimes committed by illegal immigrants. In fact your claims conflict seriously with the data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2016. The only source claiming to attribute such large crime stats to illegal immigrants is Trump. He stated 63K citizens were killed by illegals since 9/11. The Whitehouse has denied repeated requests to provide the source for this number. And the only source for this number that anyone can be found on the Internet is a post on a White Supremacy page from 2005 that has been repeatedly debunked over the years.

    The 2017 Pew Research report on the US Illegal immigrant population in the US found that the percentage of the total US population of illegal immigrants living in California is 22%. And that this is 6% of the states total populations with 12% of K-12 students having one or more illegal immigrant parent. Further economic reports show California has the 5th largest economy in the word and is the strongest economy of any of the US States. They are no where close to filing bankruptcy. The state with the second largest percentage of US illegal immigrants at 15% is Texas, this is 6% of the states total population and 13.5% of the state’s K-12 students. Texas is the second strongest economy in the US. In fact this report also determined that 2/3 of all illegal immigrants live in 6 states, all of which are on the list top 10 strongest state economic in the US. So there is nothing to support the claim that the illegal immigrant population in the US is damaging any state’s economy let alone force them into bankruptcy.

    Your statement describing me as “a supercilious, blowhard taking umbrage with anyone’s real concern about our countries debased value systems” is a good example of a supercilious, blowhard taking umbrage with anyone’s real concern about our countries debased value systems. This statement is based on the assumption that anyone that does agree with your beliefs, view, politics, etc does not love this country, is not concerned with what is happening in this country and is basically an anarchist, which considering your repeated distant for government is ironic.

    When people start talking about the deterioration of values in the US the first thing that comes to mind for me is the golden rule. This simple philosophy for practicing basic human decency has been conveniently disregarded for decades but during this elections cycle its was mercilessly and bloodily sacrificed on the alter of politics in the name of the “better good”.

    As to your claimed that I am “more then happy to trash that religion” please provide an example of anything I have posted that in any way derogates Christianity. I would also like you to provide examples of were I regularly “drop the Christian Card”.

    Finally I have never believed this country to be anything other then great. I have traveled to and seen the way things are in to many other countries to honestly believe for one second that any other country on this planet is greater then the US. We have the largest economy (twice that of the next largest country), We have the largest military (bigger then the combined military of the next 10 largest national military forces). We have the largest and second largest stock markets in the world. We have the leading post public education system in the world with over half of all top ranked colleges and university in the world being in the US ( the next closest country is the UK with 1/5 that of the US). We are a leading in technology development and innovation, corporation creation, and agriculture. True we are not number one in household wealth, household income, life expectancy, healthcare, public education and literacy but the US has never ranked first in any of these areas since the UN started collecting and compiling such statistics in the 60’s. The claim that the US is anything other then Great is simply political propaganda there is absolute no statistics to indicate otherwise. So do I have a problem with making America great again? Yes, I do! Because we are Great, always have been Great and there are no signs indicating we will stop being Great anytime in my lifetime and in my mind anyone that believes differently is either dilution or a traitor!

    • Marie

      Jim, have you ever lived in southern California? I spent the first 35 years of my life there and couldn’t wait to leave. California has changed considerably over the years. You should spend some time there and I bet your opinion would change. Statistics do not mean much until you experience them firsthand.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        Are you saying that all the Illegal Immigrants in California live in Southern California? Or are you saying that there is a large Hispanic populations in Southern California? These are two very different assertions.

        First large parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were all previous Spanish/Mexican colonies before the US government encouraged US citizens to inundated these lands with settlers. These settlers then held elections (closed to most of the Hispanics that had lived in these lands for decades) to become a US territory and eventually states. Considering there were already millions of Hispanics living in the area we call Southern California today it is hardly surprise they make up a majority of the population today.

        As to crime rates in Southern California, it is ranked 15th in the nation, or not as bad as that of South Chicago. Since the major of the population in South California is Hispanic it is not surprising that most of the crimes in this area are committed by Hispanics, just like most crimes in South Chicago are committed by blacks who make up the majority of the population in this part of Chicago.

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