Time For A Straw Vote

Chicago Sun-Times sports writer Rick Morrissey referenced Naperville in his July 22 column when he stated, “The Cubs organization has gotten a tad too big for its designer britches. It stamps anything that moves with a Cubs logo, then sells it for $29.95 plus shipping. Its glass-and-steel building spree has turned Wrigleyville into Naperville”. I couldn’t tell for sure if his reference was a compliment or cheap-shot towards Naperville, but knowing Morrissey’s style, I’m going with a creative cheap shot. But considering it’s true, then it’s not really a cheap shot.

For years, Naperville city officials have prided themselves in being first for all kinds of actions, some good, most not. That’s why it’s a bit surprising that city officials, especially councilwoman Becky Anderson, haven’t taken a position  outlawing the use of plastic straws. Considering Anderson’s liberal position on most issues, including making Naperville a ‘Welcoming City” (sanctuary city), one would think she would consider this the last straw in protecting Naperville.

If not Anderson, then which council member is willing to draw the short straw and bring up the topic under ‘new business’. Election time is nearing, and taking a definitive position on something, can make or break a re-election bid.

Other current council members up for re-election include Patty Gustin, Paul Hinterlong, and Rebecca Boyd-Obarski. With Gustin being on thin ice, she could go for double or nothing, and base her campaign on this issue, making it the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her slogan could be, “I’m not taking it anymore; this is the final straw”.

With restaurant servers being subject to a $1000 fine and/or 6 months in the slammer for offering a plastic straw to a diner elsewhere, what are the options? Just as grocery stores ask if you want paper or plastic, servers will ask if you want paper, glass, or metal.  Paper straws dissolve (your beverage has a cardboard taste), glass straws can shatter, and metal straws can be used as a weapon. Another option is to BYOS (bring your own straw).

A friend, from Tinley Park, was in a Naperville restaurant last week and the server put down his drink with no straw. He politely asked for one and got a lesson along with the straw. Apparently the company is “going green” (code for saving money) and they are not automatically giving straws, but they must be requested. He thought it was interesting because he never asked for ice, but got ice.

Watchdog is seeing this ‘Great Straw Debate’ as an opportunity to supplement my retirement income, by stockpiling plastic straws. I can get 100 flexible colored straws for 99-cents at Target. That’s a penny a straw. When plastic straws disappear, I can sell them for 2-cents each and double my investment. My wife thinks I’m nuts, but she also thought I was nuts when I said I was trying to learn how to levitate.

When we go out for a meal, she enjoys ordering a beverage, and I get excited about getting another straw for our retirement investment. I consider it a sound financial strawtegy.

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  1. Joe

    This is another example of stupid ideas generated by people who have no answers. Maybe the city council could spend a day picking up the trash along Ogden ,if the even know where OGDEN is!

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