If You’ve Got The Microphone, She’s Got The Time

Sometimes if you have something important to say, all you have to do is find an open door, with a bunch of people sitting at a meeting, an available microphone, and three minutes to make your point. That’s exactly what Lisa Ann Witmer Wegman did during public forum at a recent Davenport, Iowa Zoning Commission meeting when the topic at hand was Portillo’s coming to town.

Once at the open microphone, it didn’t take her long to get to the meat of what was on her mind. Watch and listen as she begins firing away. Pay close attention to the seasoned gentleman seated behind her as he does a hand-to-the-forehead five times, a nose-touch twice, and a hand-to-the-chin three times during the three minute rant; that’s one exasperation every 18 seconds as he undoubtedly is wondering what in the world is going on.

You have to give credit to the chairman of the commission for listening and then getting the focus of the meeting back on track.

It sounds as if Lisa Ann Witmer Wegman has a lot going against her, but if she can stay in Iowa long enough before moving to Texas, she will be able to enjoy one of Portillo’s finest hot dogs. And what’s the deal with losing her password at the local library. Who knows, she just might pop up at the local library board meeting with an open mic waiting.

It could be worse, she could be having a problem with the town’s water department.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Would make a great council member for Naperville as she is as crazy as most of them.

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