Naperville City Council Members Shutdown Councilwoman Patty Gustin

Learning city council rules and points of order can be a daunting task for newly elected council members. However by the time a council member has three-plus years of experience you would think that person would understand how things are done at the dais. Such is not the case with Naperville city councilwoman Patty Gustin. As her four year term is coming to a close, she still struggles with knowing the rules. To make matters worse, she tries to bull doze her way through the process.

It happened again at the last Naperville city council meeting when councilman Kevin Coyne made a motion to to amend the proposed animal control ordinance which was seconded by councilman John Krummen. Gustin jumped in wanting to get a second to her amended motion over Coyne, and nothing could be heard except for crickets.

In essence Gustin was trying to amend Coyne’s motion ,which can’t be done according to council rules. Mayor Steve Chirico tried to help her dig herself out of the hole she dug by explaining how she could make a motion in substitution, but Gustin was determined to do it her way and it fell flat.

I’m reminded of the saying, “Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”. That might be a bit harsh for Gustin, however reviewing council rules would undoubtedly benefit her city council endeavors.

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  1. Jan Pfeifer

    I’m sorry, but the Mayor didn’t try to help her too much. He was rude and kept interjecting himself as she tried to get the wording just right. This is nothing more than a cheap, unnecessary shot at her. And the purpose of this was???

  2. Kerin Smith

    This is a petty, pointless, cheap shot. Councilwoman Gustin has been willing to listen and learn about this issue. I was at the meeting and she was focused on the content. Blogs like this are written by pot stirrers not people who truly care about what is happening in Naperville.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    While there is some truth in the position the Watchdog has taken it is not totally valid. There are members of the council that have been around a lot longer then Gustin that have be confused by council rules. Case in point the first time Mayor Chirico involved council rules. There was mass confusion on the part of everyone on the dais which worked to Chirico’s advantage. (Council approved his motion without fully understanding what they had just done). Of course by the next time he tried this a second time members had learned and shut him down, he has not tired it again since.

  4. Art Nicholas

    I have certainly witnessed worse over the years I’ve attended council meetings. I guess we could focus on this part of the meeting or how thin skinned one or more council members appeared- or we could focus on the topic at hand and debate the merits of the various positions on the topic.

    Which do you believe would be more helpful to the citizens of Naperville?

    I applaud Ms. Gustin for her position on animal rights and protections.

  5. Kerin

    Lots of procedural errors at the beginning of the 6/19 meeting. Are you going to write about them?

    • watchdog

      Writing about it once is probably sufficient for now. “lots of procedural errors’ last night possibly a consequence of awareness from the last posting, like downhill skiing ‘don’t hit the only tree’ and then you hit it. Additionally too many other good things to write about.

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