Naperville Councilwoman Judy Brodhead Needs To Get Out More Often

If ever there was a current Naperville city council member who exemplifies the need for term limits, it would be councilwoman Judy Brodhead. She was elected in 2009 and after nine years, she is still occupying space at the dais. If it wasn’t was for term limits, the only way to get her off the dais would be to airlift her elsewhere. It’s been said that she spends a lot of time lurking in the inky shadows at the Municipal Center, roaming the corridors.

Apparently it would benefit the residents of Naperville if she got out more often and visited the outer edge of the city, especially south Naperville, and specifically the southwest corner of the intersection of Book Road and 103rd Street where there are plans to build a subdivision consisting of 61 custom single-family homes on 32 acres of undeveloped land.

Watch and listen as Brodhead presents an unusual question to Len Monson, the attorney for Oak Hill Builders and Developers Construction about how flat is flat:

To Monson’s credit, he answers it with about as flat as flat can be. There are no mountains, no hills, no valleys or lakes, or oceans, or rivers, or forests, or glaciers. The highest peak in the area is the white line dividing the lanes of traffic on 103rd Street, making it flatter than a pancake.

During Brodhead’s long tenure on the council she has asked some puzzling questions and made some curious comments. Who can forget one of  Brodhead’s all-time favorite, profound statements, “chickens don’t bark”.

Councilwoman Brodhead might want to heed the advice of President Abraham Lincoln, or was it Mark Twain, or maybe Ray Teller (Penn and Teller), or possibly Harpo Marx who said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”.

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  1. Jennifer Jackson

    Not a single substantive criticism of Councilwoman Brodhead here, who has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Naperville.

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