Naperville City Council Hasn’t Figured It Out

Imagine if your neighbor needed money, came to your home, requested cash, received it, and went back home. Then he did the same thing the next week with the same result. A day later, he comes back for more money, and he kept doing this daily over and over, always getting more and more money. That’s exactly what the Naperville city council is doing to the good folks of Naperville; extracting more and more money, not only for different things, but also for the same things.

It’s so easy. The city council directs the city manager to create a budget. The city manager directs city staff to come up with a budget. The inflated budget is presented to the city council. The council huffs and puffs, pontificates and bloviates, talks and talks, then votes to approve the budget; the meeting is adjourned and city officials head downtown to tip a few brews in celebratory fashion. That’s it, it is as simple as that.

Naperville city officials say ‘this is it, we’ve done it, problem solved’. But that’s not it, it’s not done, and the problem isn’t solved, because within a short period of time the problem resurfaces, more money is needed, more taxes need to be increased along with fees and utility rates. And it starts all over again.

Watch and listen to Naperville council woman Becky Obarski as she states she doesn’t think the council is walking towards a solution, “this is the third year in a row we voted to raise things, and each time we were told this is the path”.

Councilwoman Obarski continued,

Obarski appears to be the only city council member that has had this epiphany.

The Naperville city council along with other city officials don’t feel the pain; that’s the real problem. If they did, they wouldn’t be so quick to ‘knock on our doors’ looking for more handouts. Part of the solution might be that the other council members and city officials need some skin in the game; they need to feel our pain. Something, anything, to make things a little more uncomfortable for them, like sitting on tacks, pebbles in their shoes, requiring push-ups or sit-ups prior to the vote to raise taxes, fees, and rates.

I would gladly drop down and do 50 push-ups, or climb a rope to avoid more taxes. Pebbles in my shoes, why not, I could look at it as a from of acupuncture, to better my health. No doubt that fewer taxes, fees, and rate increases would improve the health for most of the good folks of Naperville.

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  1. Mike M

    Spot on. Yet you support Mayor Chirico, who you’ve written is ‘good for Naperville’, who is the architect and leader of the taxes, fees and rate increases, fewer of which you write would improve the health of most of the good folks of Naperville.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Until and unless people (taxpaying voters) view government as a cancer ever spreading and growing while feeding itself first, during and last the peon workers (us) will continue to be robbed blind. At some point the oppressed masses will move out as those in control prevent through fixing elections and stopping candidates through dubious legal means prevent needed change. Even simple things like referendums has been stopped, squashed and reversed which clearly show what citizens want or don’t want. There is a price to pay for this deceit and it is coming.

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