Mr. Big Shot, Not Your Councilman

In case you haven’t heard it, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means you are likely in one of three groups; watching it, no interest in it, or boycotting watching the NFL for patriotic reasons.

Over recent years, the Naperville city council has had a few members trying to throw their weight around as a show of intimidation. One literally did throw his weight around when he was accused of trying ‘rough up’ or tune-up, one of Naperville’s finest police officers. Not a wise move on the councilman’s part.

A few other council members have resorted to interacting with some good folks of Naperville with the following comments:

  • “do you know who I am”
  • “I could make it easy or difficult for you”
  • “apparently you have no idea who you are talking to”
  • “I’m on the council, so that makes me right, and you wrong”

Those ‘few’ council members are no longer on the council.

Naperville doesn’t have a “Hall of Shame” for council members, but a town in Michigan does, and a councilman became a nominee for induction.

So Ed has been on the council since 1984, that’s 34 years; a prime example why Naperville’s term limits is truly a thing of beauty.

That calls for a little music.

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