Mayor Chirico Questions Leaf Pick-Up Process

The third and final two-week leaf pick-up cycle ends tomorrow November 24. The good news is that the city made it through the cycle without snow fall. Now the race is on to see if the street-sweeper can officially complete the process before snowballs start flying.

As with any job, there are three parts; preparation, the actual job, and finally the clean-up (street sweepers). The third leaf pick-up cycle occurred during and after rainfall causing the streets in Watchdog’s neighborhood to have a green/brown leaf-soup type of consistency evenly spread from curb to curb over the street.

During the ‘New Business’ portion of the last city council meeting, Mayor Steve Chirico made the following comment regarding his observation of the process:

It is reassuring to know that at least the mayor is aware that the current process leaves much to be desired, but until a better method can be developed, and it will, what we have now is about the best we can hope for, using the current method of leaf retrieval.

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  1. Tim

    There is no better method to collect the quantity that the program demands.
    It is a BULK collection, not was never intended to reclaim every leaf.
    Do a bit more research on your topic or move on to something more important, such as the unfunded 3 million dollars it takes to move leaves around.

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