Former Councilman Grant Wehrli, Now State Of Illinois Rep, Not Representing

Until now, the State of Illinois hasn’t had a budget since 2015. Illinois was about to enter its third year without a budget, until Illinois politicians decided to borrow more money to keep Illinois afloat. That would be like an alcoholic solving his problem by drinking more alcohol.

Illinois’ time without a budget coincided with former Naperville city council member Grant Wehrli’s term in office as as a member of Illinois House of Representatives when his term began in 2015. Wehrli was an eight-year member of the Naperville city council from 2006 through 2014. Many say that when Wehrli left the council and became an Illinois House Representative that he simultaneously raised the collective average IQ of the Naperville city council while lowering the collective average IQ of Illinois House of Representatives. That may be a bit harsh, but by all accounts appears accurate.

Wehrli’s list of accomplishments as a member of the Naperville city council is short at best, and non-existent at worst and he hasn’t fared any better in Springfield. In a nutshell, is there anything more useless in Illinois politics, than Republican Grant Wehrli in Illinois’ House of Representatives. Can anyone think of one accomplishment he has achieved? Anyone? Is there anything more useless than spending gas on sending Wehrli back and forth from Naperville to Springfield?

The ‘Wehrli’ name in Naperville is well known. There is a saying that “the first generation creates it, the second generation builds it, and the third generation squanders it”.  Based on Grant Wehrli’s actions in Naperville and Springfield, he is the poster boy for ‘third generation’.

He didn’t do himself any favors, nor Republicans, or the good folks of Naperville, when he was recently admonished on the House floor for being disrespectful to House Speaker Michael Madigan. I’m not a Madigan fan, however Madigan’s position as Speaker of the House deserves proper decorum on the part of Wehrli. No one has ever accused Grant Wehrli of being cool under pressure. When problems arise, Wehrli has a gift for becoming part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

It might be time for Grant Wehrli to find something more useful to do, for himself, and the good folks of the district he is supposed to be representing, because what he is doing is surely not working.

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  1. Judy

    A summary of Grant Wehrli’s worth repeating many times over. The bejeweled peacock of Naperville’s history is somehow lost in a maze of trails that continue to lead to nowhere. He basically needs something to do with his time and to appear important to his constituents. Will he make President of the United States down the road ?? Apparently, he feels he has a head start in carving his way to triumph and glory. After all, he has saved Naperville (in history council) from falling into greater debt and a bronze plaque should be created and mounted in the lobby of the newly built hotel in downtown Naperville displaying his name. Often touched with the hands of recognition, a shiny spot of gratitude from the inhabitants of this town denotes a befuddled confusion of where he will lead us next ?? J.

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