Naperville’s Call To Arms

It’s that time of the year when professional sports teams draft players to strengthen their teams. The NFL just concluded their draft, which will be followed by the NBA then major league baseball (MLB). In baseball, players typically begin their careers in the minor leagues working their way up from A-ball, to Double-A, then Triple-A and a select few make it to the Big Show.

In local politics, the equivalent of the minor leagues would be positions on boards and commissions. They can provide a good foundation for understanding how municipal politics work, and provide good exposure for members considering moving up or out of politics.

The City of Naperville needs to replenish its minor league bench. Applications from residents are being accepted to fill open positions on three municipal boards and seven commissions. They include:

  • Advisory Commission on Disabilities (discrimination against individuals with disabilities)
  • Board of Fire and Police Commissioners (recruiting and selecting police officers and firefighters, and conducting disciplinary hearings and appeals)
  • Building Review Board (issues involving building codes)
  • Firefighters’ Pension Fund Board (administers the pension fund)
  • Historic Preservation Board (review appropriateness of applications for building design)
  • Housing Advisory Commission (promoting fair housing, and discouraging unethical housing practices)
  • Naperville Public Library Board of Trustees (oversee policy and budget)
  • Riverwalk Commission (guides development with Park District along with Millennium and Riverwalk Foundations)
  • Sister Cities Commission (promoting international city-to-city affiliations)
  • Special Events Cultural Amenities (SECA) Commission (advising council on culture, arts and special city events)

Interested applicants can go to to download an application. The form along with a resume can be mailed or delivered in person to the mayor’s office at the Municipal Center, 400 South Eagle Street in Naperville 60540. The form and resume can also be emailed to

Additional information can also be obtained by calling the mayor’s office at 630-420-6018.

Supposedly it’s a level playing field with equal opportunity. If you are interested, there is one way to find out. Applications will continue to be accepted until all vacancies are filled.

It’s been said that ‘politics is the first refuge for scoundrels’. It’s also been said one person with drive, passion, and perseverance, can make a difference. Depending upon which category you consider yourself in, this could be your opportunity.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Far too many times our elected officials rely on boards and commissions to do their jobs of recommending and initiating legislations which benefit the body politic instead of vested interests.

    They in turn rubber stamp these board’s recommendation without even reading what they are, evaluating short and long range effects and god forbid take into consideration unintended consequences like long term debt, interest, bond issues and pensions.

    We need to have representatives like Coyne who on his own calls for and runs an action committee like the East Ogden program.

    Instead of mushrooms and title holders we need people of action who actually do things not just bask in the limelight of officer-ship while doing nothing to earn their salaries and benefits.

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