A ‘First’ For The Naperville City Council

Something happened after the recent Naperville city council election, that hasn’t happened since Naperville became Naperville. Yes, Benny White was elected to the council, in essence replacing incumbent councilman Kevin Gallaher, but that’s not what’s unusual,  new council members get elected all time time, in fact in the last municipal election six new members were elected. So what’s so unusual about Benny White getting elected?

It’s not that he gathered the third highest vote total, it’s not that he had more votes than two incumbents (Krummen and Gallaher), and it’s not that he’s the first ‘Benny’ elected to the council. So what is it? For those of you who have met Benny White, and supported Benny’s campaign, you know exactly what it is.

It’s the fact that Benny White’s election to the city council effectively raised the collective average IQ of the entire city council. That’s exactly what Dr. Benny White’s election to the council did. He received his BS degree in management from West Point, he received his master’s degree in kinesiology from Indiana University, and his masters degree in business from Webster University, and he topped it off with his doctorate degree from Benedictine University in values-driven leadership. And by the way, he is also a retired 22-year Army officer.

Considering the educational and professional make-up of our current city council, Dr. Benny White’s background and experiences, especially in leadership can only help our council in need of clear vision.  He is definitely not just another yes-person, or tag-along-with-the-crowd seat warmer.

The election results will be officially confirmed by the DuPage County clerk’s office on April 25, and White will be sworn in Sunday April 30, with his first official participation as a Naperville city council member on May 2.

Kinesiology, the study of the mechanics of body movement, hopefully Dr. Benny White can move the council in a positive, resident-friendly direction.

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  1. John

    It is my hope that Dr. White will bring some discipline to the council and look out for the “little people ” who have no voice . His background is superb .

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