Naperville’s Fuller Brush Collection

The new administration in Washington, D.C. is thinking and operating more and more like a lean, mean, corporation focusing on expense and efficiency striving for better results, and it appears to be working. The same can be said for the City of Naperville with a ‘new’ mayor (Steve Chirico) in position since April 2015.

The similarity between President Trump and Mayor Chirico is that both know how to run successful businesses and they have put that knowledge to work in their government positions.

The age-old answer to why something was being done a certain way was, ‘that’s how its always been done’. It’s changing on the Federal level, and local level, though the State of Illinois still operates on the rule ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ and it’s not working. It’s easier to just keep doing the same thing, even if it’s not working.

It’s been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and city officials are pushing forward with ‘invention’. Most recently it surfaced in Naperville’s annual spring brush pickup program. Previously the Department of Public Works handled the responsibility entirely in-house, with a little outside help, but now the City is contracting with an outside source for total brush pickup. The idea is for a more efficient and ultimately cost effective way of doing the job. Brush pickup will run for five weeks rather than four weeks, allowing that extra week for a more thorough completion of the job. All other aspects of the brush pickup program will remain the same.

The plan will also allow city employees to invest more time on other responsibilities including tree trimming and sign replacement. Currently the city is running on a nine-year tree trimming cycle. This change will shorten the cycle to six years.

In a perfect world, the new arrangement will work like a charm. Time will tell. About six years worth of time.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Don’t mean to be a wet blanket on our Mayor’s parade but if this is the extent of his accomplishments I pass on the halleluiahs.

    I’m sure our 10th unelected councilman will beef up his accomplishments to be unrecognizable to the electorate.

  2. Christopher Lawson

    You are serious that Trump is operating efficiently?

    Your credibility just took a heavy blow.

    Please leave your Trump amor confined to the walls of your bedroom and stick to local politics. We need your clear, untarnished, views…not a campaign for #45 to become #46.

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