Naperville City Council Provides Material For Watchdog

If it wasn’t for the Naperville city council and city officials, Watchdog’s postings would be out of business. I suppose Watchdog could move on to other towns, but more and more towns have their own Watchdog, plus I live here, and I’ve done so since 1978. Covering other towns would either be too boring with little if anything to post, or overwhelming with too much to cover. Imagine being the Watchdog for Chicago or Cicero. I can imagine it, which is exactly why Naperville for this Watchdog is the perfect location.

Let’s face it, Naperville really is a pretty cool place. The founding fathers and those following have done a pretty good job of creating what we have now. Of course there are going to be mistakes made by city officials but the only way to never make a mistake is to do nothing. In the course of my brief semi-pro baseball career as a pitcher, I never gave up one home run in the big show, because I never made it to the big show.

Some mistakes by city officials are huge screw-ups, but none are done intentionally. When something has gone wrong, some city official usually steps up to acknowledge it, with emphasis put on the word ‘usually’.

The advantage websites such as Watchdog have is that video embeds add the color to the text, they add the flavor to the picture. Nothing adds more to a posting than hearing and seeing council members in their moments of brilliance or idiocy, expressing themselves. That in itself doesn’t take any interpretation by a third party as it does in the print media. Watchdog text simply adds a perspective which readers can agree or disagree, typically among each other.

This Watchdog website was never meant as an in-depth, journalistic attempt, to uncover wrong doing, and to that extent Watchdog has achieved its goal. It simply shines a little little light on a topic with a twist of occasional humor.

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  1. mike

    Your little light and occasional humor is appreciated. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    Thanks, while I frequently disagree with your perspectives, this site does a good job of providing a forum for discuss of issues relevant to current events in our community. You also do not exercise bias in what comments you allow to be posted to your site.

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