Naperville’s Department Of Silly Walks

Here we go again. Naperville city officials are trying to wrestle away the authority of Naperville Township highway commissioner Stan Wojtasiak. It’s like a pack of wolves trying to corner a pit bull and take away it’s stash of filet steaks; Wojtasiak won’t let loose.

In a nutshell, the filet steaks represent the budget for road maintenance services in Naperville Township. The City of Naperville says it can do it better and for less money, than the Township and Wojtasiak says ‘no way’.

The Naperville city council, is trying everything it can do from using common sense, to threatening all-out political pandemonium to get Wojtasiak to acquiesce, and he won’t have any part of it. The council has even resorted to using public embarrassment of Wojtasiak, but that doesn’t work with public officials and pit bulls. When it comes to power, money and control, that trumps everything, including the will of the people.

In the recent election, city and township residents voted overwhelmingly (almost 90%) in a non-binding referendum to have the City of Naperville do the job for less. In fairness to the Wojtasiak, the question on the referendum was so slanted towards the City, who in their right mind could vote against it. Yet a few thousand folks did vote against saving money and having their property tax reduced. It’s doubtful that Wojtasiak has that many relatives, friends, and patronage folks, wanting to keep the status quo, but it’s possible.

Both sides are using the Golden Rule, which is, he who has the gold makes the rules. The gold of course is our tax dollars. Neither side has that much interest in conserving those dollars, but at least the City is making an effort to reduce if not eliminate wasteful townships. If anyone is going to waste taxpayer dollars, it should be the City, right?

Why not just bring this charade to an end. Give him a job with the City at the Municipal Center. Give him a title, some business cards, a yearly salary (less than his current budget), and an office at the end of the corridor in the inky shadows, with no responsibility (much like he has now). Give him the title of Director for the Department Of Silly Walks.

It’s amazing to think that President-elect, Donald Trump, could get the Country back on the tracks, in less time than it takes the City of Naperville and the Township Supervisor to figure out a solution to who is in charge of wasting taxpayer dollars.

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  1. Christopher Lawson

    As Mr. Trump returns us to the dark ages, don’t assume that the tracks we get back on as a country are going anywhere that’s good.

    Otherwise, I like your Monte Python reference!

      • Christopher Lawson

        Awww…come on now.

        Not bitter, my friend. Astounded. Who knew there were so many people in America who could vote for such a person?

        So…we will see, but based on who he told us he is, we are in for a roller coaster ride. Hopefully, he was “just being sarcastic”.

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