The Election Is Over, Let’s Have Another One

Hey, call me a deplorable, but I can’t get the grin off my face. Within a matter of six days. the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, and Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. In terms of sports and politics, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

I have had so much fun watching and listening to exciting Cub games culminating in the ‘impossible’, and then following the Presidential campaign as Trump was given no chance by the media, pundits, and the political establishment, to prevail, and he prevailed. You can now call Donald Trump, ‘Mr. President-elect’. The silent majority, also known as the ‘forgotten person’ has spoken loudly at the voting booth, and is no longer ‘forgotten’.

Here’s the good news, we get to have another election in 141 days. It’s the City of Naperville municipal election with four Naperville city council positions up for grabs. Just as Trump wants to and will ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C., Naperville residents will have the opportunity to cherry-pick the weak links off the council and replace them with no-nonsense candidates who want to de-emphasize over-reach regulation.

The four current council members up for re-election include Judy Brodhead, Kevin Coyne, Kevin Gallaher, and John Krummen. They represent the four council members who had the lowest vote totals during the last election, resulting in each of the four having two-year terms, while the other four (Anderson, Gustin, Hinterlong, and Obarski) were elected to four-year terms, and will up for re-election in 2019 along with Mayor Steve Chirico.

If nothing changes between now and the April 4 election, Watchdog would be endorsing one for sure and possibly two of the four for re-election, while one is a definite go-away, and the other a likely go-away. If any of the four think they are ‘sure-things’ for re-election, they just need to watch President-elect’s inauguration on January 20, which is what Hillary Clinton will be doing; watching from afar.

Just as millions of people are not happy with politics on the national scene, resulting in the outcome, there are many Naperville residents not happy with the over-regulation of the current city council, and the rubber-stamping decisions of the majority of the Naperville city council. There are more and more groups of residents watching and listening to council meetings and they are very upset with wasteful spending, far-reaching regulation, and ill-advised decisions based on faulty information provided by non-elected city officials. Residents can’t fire non-elected city officials, but they can hold city council members accountable and ‘fire’ them through the ballot.

On a lighter note, does anyone know the last time the Cubs won the World Series? If you said 1908, that would be wrong. It was 11 days ago. Amazing and magical things can happen.

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  1. Christopher Lawson

    On a lighter note, your excitement about the low-class frightening Trump is stupid. Add to the Republicanization of the house, Senate, Supreme Court, FBI and military…the loose cannon hired to lead them is a dangerous cocktail. If you love him, control him!! He warned us if what he would do if elected. Now he’s been elected. Like his “plans”: very very scarey so scarey…believe me!

  2. Bob West

    Interesting comparison….. Common point is that it is the will of the people that counts whether national or local. Local is actually more important because decisions made directly affects us unlike at the Federal level.
    I only wish that some of the 4 year council people were up for election now and not 2 plus years from now.
    As for who would be the scarier President just look at the last 8 years and tell me you’d like 4 more years of the same. We are at the weakest point in our history and the backbone of the country has been decimated.

  3. Christopher Lawson

    If that was directed at me, I’ll give my opinion in response: no, while I think the country is in pretty goid shape with Ibama, I agree that the agenda has gone too far to the left…so it’s reasonable that Hillary was not elected. I wont miss her. But Trump is a serios danger to much of what we citizens hold dear.

    I simply say: the fox is in the henhouse. Watch him very carefully and guard against what he has promised to do.


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