More Eyes And Ears Watching And Listening To Naperville City Council

There’s another sheriff and posse in town holding the Naperville city council’s collective feet to the fire. The group’s website is and part of their Mission Statement includes the following:

  • We are a grass roots organization dedicated to identifying and actively supporting candidates who will serve the residents of Naperville. We are dedicated to actively working to replace incumbent politicians who have demonstrated that they do not deserve to be re-elected.
  • We will continue to monitor our city government, and continue to actively engage and support candidates who will listen to their constituents.

The group goes on to say:

  • We expect our elected representatives to act in our best interests.
  • This council…has coalesced into a body which follows the Mayor’s lead unanimously on virtually every issue and vote. A so-called ‘pro-growth’ agenda has put business and taxes ahead of the interests of residents, yet virtually nothing has been done to generate business or improve the most neglected part of Naperville, the Ogden Avenue corridor.
  • It’s time to change. It’s time to get representatives in Naperville government who will actually represent us, the citizens who voted them in. Help make a difference. Let’s give the residents a voice.

The next city council election in 2017 will have four incumbents up for re-election with their two-year terms expiring. They include Judith Brodhead, Kevin Coyne, John Krummen and Kevin Gallaher. Their votes totals placed them 5th thru 8th in the last election, thereby limiting their terms to two years each rather than four year terms which Paul Hinterlong, Patty Gustin, Rebecca Obarski, and Becky Anderson are serving.

The more eyes and ears watching and listening to the Naperville city council, the better the opportunity to upgrade the council; out with the not-so-good council members  and in with the new and improved council members.

Watchdog encourages you to take a look at their website and support their effort to help make Naperville a better place to live and work. Watchdog firmly believes if better is possible, then good is not enough.

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  1. Gerard Schilling

    Who are you folks and how do I get to talk to a real person involved or who created this organization? I see a login section but no way to get a membership in your group. Lastly, nothing is going to save this city long range unless we the tax payers stop them and getting this city out of none governmental activities such as car test tracks, golf courses, senior citizen exercise clubs, giving away mobile phones and wifi services, bell towers, museum, electric charging stations, liquid fuel conversion plants etc., etc. and the big one SECA which is nothing more then a pay to play scheme used by existing politicians to buy support for reelection.
    It’s long past time all these boondoggles get liquidated and the proceeds used to pay down debt and reduce taxation which is driving out business and residents.

    Other opportunities abound such as subcontracting ambulance service and many functions the city, police and fire departments currently do. Our motto should be do the absolute minimum not theirs which grow forever larger and larger while becoming more and more costly and inefficient.

    Best of Luck and you definitely will have my support

    • Mr. Schilling,

      I sent you an email response. One or two of us would welcome the opportunity to meet you, tell you a little more about what we’re trying to do and how we’re going about it. Please send me a response and we’ll go from there.


  2. Naperville resident

    Only works if there are people who are wiling to enter into the race for City Council. Suggest your group starts identifying those people who you believe would do a better job and support them financially and on the ground. Current system has the local Republican and Democrat parties running the show. This is supposedly a non-partisan election but the underground activity is definitely not non-partisan.

  3. John

    Have Furstenau and Fieseler come back to get some actions going to support the citizens

  4. Concerned Citizen

    Will you be taking away the ability to comment like the a certain town to the east has? Whoever runs that one has taken away the ability for certain folks to comment if you agreed with certain city/village issues.

    • John

      Once elected , the City Council believes they don’t have to listen to the citizens and are more interested to support business interests . The mayor is in control and the other council members obey his wishes. In 2017 , we can make some changes but it is hopeless .

      • I agree with you about how views can change once elected, and that the Mayor is in control and the Council members follow him. Which is exactly why we need to make changes on the Council. It’s not hopeless; we have to start somewhere. Let’s start in April of 2017.

  5. Julie Berkowicz

    5 of our City council people voted in the Section 8 Voucher Amendment that impacts ALL NAPERVILLE HOMEOWNERS! THE LAST CHANCE TO GET ONE OF THESE 5 PEOPLE TO AMEND THIS TO 20+ UNITS AND/OR VOTE ON THIS AMENDMENT AGAIN IS TONIGHT! Here are some details:
    Dear Naperville resident:

    The Naperville city council voted on October 4th to implement an amendment of a Section 8 Vouchers program applicable to any property owner who is or may rent their residential property. This includes residents who may relocate and cannot sell their home.

    This Fair Housing Ordinance includes “legal source of income”, now with a new distinct carve out of “vouchers” elevating vouchers above other sources such as social security, child support and alimony. Naperville has been the leader of voucher acceptance in all of DuPage County at 18%, higher than another other community in DuPage County. The Illinois Association of Realtors, Naperville Senior Task Force (letter attached) and Naperville Chamber of Commerce (letter attached), Chicagoland Apartment Association (letter attached) rejected the change and promotes education as a good collaborative option. Refer to the following link to see City Council “legal source of income” video.

    This amendment makes specific demands upon ALL Naperville residential property owners who may find the need to rent their home. Requirements for Naperville residents to comply with this government program includes rental rate pricing, inspections, etc. (see attached CHA & HAP program requirements).

    The Naperville Area Homeowner Confederation (“NAHC”), supports this change. They have indicated that the NAHC did not receive the support of its subdivision membership in the Naperville community.

    The DuPage Housing Authority claimed that there was a 19% tax break for Section 8 landlords, which is inaccurate. That may have encourage the 5 Council members who voted for this amendment to support it. Actually, there may be no tax break for simply renting to section 8 tenants. The tax credits that are indicated are for new construction that meets tax law requirements. There are tax credits for new construction of affordable housing that meets the IRS requirements, so-called 4% and competitive 9% tax credits. This amendment will forever affects the economics for our landlords and their customers in doing business in Naperville. See link below.

    Many community members feel that it would be reasonable to re-consider this ordinance, by restricting the compliance of this program to buildings with 20+ units.

    The following Naperville City Council members voted in support of this Amendment: Knoch Knolls resident John Krummen, (630.335.7376T) Rebecca Obarski (630.399.9304), Kevin Gallagher (630.542.2684), Judith Brodhead (630.567.0370) and Becky Anderson(630.768.5725) voted yes to approve the Section 8 Voucher Amendment. If you have questions or comments you may make your voice heard at the Naperville City Council Meeting on Tuesday or by contacting them in advance and asking them to vote on the amendment again and consider including a 20+ unit restriction.




  6. Julie Berkowicz

    Naperville homeowners, here is an update from last night’s City Council meeting:
    Can you please provide our friends with this update?

    Last night Councilman John Krummen came through for the “little people” and did motion to have this amendment reconsidered. He came to the conclusion that it was not fair to lump “mom and pop” rentals in the same category with multi-unit and professional investors. Councilman Krummen wanted to discuss the impact this will have on a Naperville single family home owner and asked for further discussion so that the Council would pass legislation that is fair to everyone. Unfortunately, Councilmen Anderson, Brodhead, Gallagher and Obarski DENIED THE MOTION. THIS AMENDMENT IS NOW PASSED and applies equally to every individual property owner and investment company in Naperville.

    Again, this legislation now applies to ALL PROPERTY OWNERS regardless of whether it is a single family home or a large apartment complex. This is a Naperville law that all residents and Homeowner Associations should be aware of.

    If you are not happy, contact the representatives that voted for this and remember ELECTION DAY IS COMING!

  7. Mike

    Sorry, I didn’t get your message until today. I don’t know if you saw last night’s City Council meeting, but Councilman Krummen made an attempt to recall the previous vote. He was apparently going to propose a change that the ordinance was not applicable to 4 units or less. He needed 6 votes for the recall to occur, and the vote for the recall was 5-4 in favor, so the recall of the previous vote did not pass.

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