Simple Yet Impactful Show Of Support For Police

More and more blue lights are being turned on throughout the country, as a show of support for police officers nationwide. No one knows for sure when the idea began. One story is that Dolly Craig had the idea in 1989 when her son-in-law Dan Gleason was killed in the line of duty with the Philadelphia Police Department in 1986, followed by her daughter’s death (Dan’s wife) in an auto accident in 1989. Another story is that former Charles City, Iowa police officer Brian Ward, heard about a Houston, Texas police officer being gunned down, also in the line of duty, decided to illuminate his porch with a blue light, as a show of support for police officers nationwide.

Dolly Craig is long gone, and Brian Ward has moved on, but their legacy lives on, in the form of respect and support by honoring police officers for doing their job of keeping law and order, serving and protecting,and allowing the rest of us to live our lives in a safer environment. A blue light is also a remembrance of those who have died in the line of duty, acting as our protection and shield.

A simple idea, a blue light, and an impactful show of being forever grateful. Naperville city officials might want to consider this as they contemplate Naperville’s future streetscape. In the meantime, a blue light at  the municipal center, would be a thoughtful start.

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