Naperville Councilman Paul Hinterlong Easily Swayed

Here’s a tip, if you want Naperville councilman Paul Hinterlong to support your endeavor, no matter what it is, be the last person to talk to him, prior to his vote.  Apparently he is like a ping pong ball, getting batted back and forth over the net, until the last paddle determines who wins. Hinterlong said as much during the May 17 Naperville council meeting, when he was trying to decide whether or not to support a 22-unit development on the north side of town.

Hinterlong said, “I agree with everything said up here, both positive and negative.” Think about that. That’s not easy to do, but Hinterlong did it. He then said, “Like everyone else, I’ve tetter-tautered on this (issue) since day one.” So let me get this straight, “everyone” has vacillated on this issue. That’s not easy to do either.

Now here is where it really gets good. Hinterlong continues by saying, “my biggest mistake was that I met with many of you”. Uh-oh, information overload for Hinterlong by listening to the residents. Considering that’s his ‘biggest mistake’, he may never listen to residents again.

Then he finishes by saying, “I agreed with everything you (the residents) had to say, then I met with the developer and his attorney…”, that’s when the teeter-tauter effect played out, and Hinterlong changed his mind and decided to support the development, even though he “agreed with everything (the residents had to say.”

Watch and listen to Hinterlong’s own words:

Wow, just like that he switched his position and the game was over, just like a football game, when the weaker team kicks a chip-shot field goal to win the game. If only the other team could get one more chance to score a winning TD.

One can only imagine, that when Hinterlong votes for President, he’ll choose the last candidate’s poster that he sees before casting his vote.

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  1. Lee Quillinan

    OK, so Hinterlong and Krummen are vying for council doofus of the year. What about the the “public servants” who cost us even more of our hard earned cash, the District 203 School Board. They just agreed to a new contract with the teachers union (NEU), which neither side will disclose the terms. Guess what the Board of Public Servants is voting on this at their next board meeting this week. Anyone remember Palatine?

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