All Loser, All The Time

Watchdog has been posting since December 2010, and this posting will be the 413th. During that time, Watchdog viewers have increased monthly along with the geographic representation. The number of emails Watchdog has received by viewers has also increased. Some of the more memorable comments received include the following:

Hey Q-Tip head, stop blaming the council for everything that doesn’t work in Naperville – Peter J.

If not the council, then who?

You come across like you know what you’re talking about, well you don’t – Mark R.

We can agree to disagree.

You are a bigger idiot than Boyajian – Jim B.

I think he had a few inches on me.

I can’t believe you keep hammering the same council members. How about some of the other fools on the council? – Phil B.

I aim for the low hanging fruit.

You’re fixated on councilman Chirico. Why must you always point out his in inadequacies. It’s time to cut him some slack – David J.

I haven’t always, I have missed a few.

Are you an idiot? – Diane F.

Typically not, but at times I qualify.

Hey stupido, do you really think you’re funny? – Frank W.

Like a clown, like I am here to amuse you.

I like reading you, but can’t you say something nice about councilwoman Brodhead? – Troy H.

Give me time, I am still thinking.

Stop blasting councilmen Fieseler and Furstenau – Connie F.

That will happen once they are off the dias.

So what if Wehrli has a road named after him. At least the traffic flows – Shelby O.

Watch out for those left hand turns.

Are you that desperate that you only pick-on Hinterlong – Joseph R.

Hinterlong would think so.

You must be related to Pradel – Dale G.

Everyone is at least everyone’s 50th cousin.

How do you explain that not one Smart Meter has exploded? – Karen V.

Given enough time, anything that can happen, will happen.

You have the nerve to point out that the second ‘N’ in Kenn Miller’s name is silent. What about the second ‘L’ in Miller – Bill J.

Good catch on your part Bill, your second ‘L’ is also silent.

Now I know why you write about city politics; it’s because you have too much time on your hands – Judy D.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

You and Coyne must be business partners – Marvin Z.

If so, he is my very, very silent partner.

Hey, guess you were wrong about supporting district representation – Mercedes M.

Frankly we may never know because it was never given a chance.

You go on and on about Smart Meters. Give it a rest – Silvia H.

With the increased RF, it gives me a jolt and I can’t rest.

You’re in Chirico’s pocket. You must be covered in lint – Hideki I.

He is the best dressed council member, hence it is high quality lint.

You’re not a Watchdog, you’re a lapdog – Sandy G.

I have two poodle lapdogs and it doesn’t get any better than that.

How did you get to be so ignorant?  You must be a Cub fan – Warren P.

Being a Cubs fan prepares you for the inevitability of death.

You’re a sell-out – Donald T.

Everything is negotiable.

You must be a sexist. Can’t you say something nice about Gustin, Brodhead, Anderson and Obarski? – Phyllis G.

They are Naperville’s four best female council members.

Hey knucklehead, at least Gallaher was celebrating his election at home versus spending money at a restaurant – Dick P.

Still wondering if it was pepperoni, sausage or Hawaiian pizza.

Listen buster, Krummen is not as scary as you make him out to be – Scott H.

He is better at the dias than at the podium.

All loser, all the time – Jeb K.

Really Jeb, is that the best you can do?

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