If There’s No Highway, Who Needs A Highway Commissioner

The Naperville Township Board recently voted to move forward with a possible intergovernmental agreement with the City of Naperville, which would allow the city to maintain 16 miles of township roads, thereby saving almost $800,000 annually and substantially reducing the township highway tax. Maintenance would include snow plowing and brush pick-up.

The agreement has been a step-by-step process with Naperville city officials along with Township officials agreeing. The final step in the agreement will be a yes-decision by the Naperville Township Highway commissioner Stan Wojtasiak who oversees the department, which is separate from the Naperville Township.

During the Township meeting, Wojtasiak asked the board, “If there is no highway department, no vehicles, and no employees, why do we need a highway commissioner?”

In essence, Wojtasiak was asking, “What do you need me for?” That’s a great question. Looks like we don’t. What do you need a zoo keeper for, if you don’t have any animals?

Wojtasiak’s job status will be decided by the Township Highway commissioner, Wojtasiak himself. Only government can create a situation like that. It’s possible Wojtasiak may decide to fire himself and give himself a huge golden parachute, or he may put himself on a lifetime paid leave of absence.

He could simply re-write his job description as “Highway Commissioner Without Highways”. If he does decide to fire himself, would HR need to be present? Is it possible Wojtasiak the person could decide to sue Wojtasiak the highway commissioner for unjust termination leaving the Township on the hook for damages. So many possibilities.

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  1. Gerald H. Schilling

    How about transferring the entire Township over to Naperville? On second thought let’s do it the other way around as the township has far less bureaucrats, political hacks, funds, policies, service fees, permit requirements etc. to constantly rob and steal our hard earned money.

    Naperville with its associated schools, park districts, bell towers, electric company, museum etc. is the Perdue killing the golden goose (tax payers/us). What good is it to have the greatest city in the world if nobody can afford to live in it. BTW the same thing goes for our federal government. Vote Trump if you want a change.

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