Watchdog’s Top-20 Most Widely Read Postings Of 2015

This marks the fifth full year for City Council Watchdog, with a total of 393 postings; about an average of 79 per year. This year Watchdog had 89 postings. There was a time in the early stages of City Council Watchdog that we would note benchmarks including the number of states readers were from and the number of countries in which readers resided. No doubt it was and still is energizing to see more and more readers (hits) for all 50 states, and well over 100 countries.

What has been most satisfying is the number of Watchdogs, and Watchdog groups emerging throughout the country. People and groups know they can make a difference, and improvement in local government truly can happen.

Thank you to our readers for your support and involvement, and thank you to all the other Watchdogs and groups for making a difference.

The following are the Top-20 most widely read postings for the year 2015 beginning with #20 and working down to the #1 most widely read posting:

A year from now we’ll have a new Top-20. It should be interesting.

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