Simplifying The Confusing Liquor Code

Keeping it simple is something you may hear at the Naperville Municipal Center (City Hall), but when it comes to experiencing it, it’s a totally different story. Government tends to make things far more confusing than they need to be. The thought process must be if you use a lot of words (including big words) it will be more important. Additionally, if it’s confusing, it must be really important.

This couldn’t be more evident than in the City of Naperville’s Liquor Code. If members of the city’s liquor commission were given a multiple choice quiz concerning the liquor code, chance are you’d have to grade it on a curve for anyone to pass it.

Currently there are 21 classes with multiple sub-classes and almost too many ordinances to count. However it does appear that the Naperville liquor commission is ready to make the effort. Watch and listen to councilman Kevin Gallaher as he presents the question during the last city council meeting and mayor Steve Chirico (also the liquor commissioner) responds:

The five remaining letters of the alphabet that Gallaher is referring to for liquor code classifications include, ‘W,X,Y and Z’, and the all important ‘F’.

Now I get it with the last four letters of the alphabet remaining, but the real question is what happened with ‘F’? ‘A’ thru ‘V’ are accounted for, but what’s the story with ‘F’. One can only guess that city officials are saving that classification for something very special.

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