Naperville From Mayberry To Pottersville

Naperville city officials have been playing with liquor ordinances and policy for years, tweaking it here and there, making it more and more confusing, while making liquor more and more available, at a quickening pace.

Watch and listen to Naperville councilman Kevin Coyne, as he summarizes the current code, ordinance, and liquor policy in Naperville:

Simplification of the liquor code has not been part of the equation, though mayor Steve Chirico, also the liquor commissioner, has that on his ‘to do’ list.

City officials most recent venture in the world of liquor is to now make the sales and service of alcohol available on Sunday at 7am when ordering a meal. “I’ll take a whiskey sour and a a shot of vodka, with a ham sandwich, and can you make the sandwich real, real small.”

Watch and listen to Naperville resident, Charles Brown, as he presents his common sense take on the issue:

Considering Naperville city officials seem to be focusing on transitioning Naperville from a kid and family friendly city to a destination for entertainment, why not simply stop the game-playing encroachment of liquor availability and make it available everywhere all the time.

Like hot lava flowing downhill from a volcano, which ultimately takes it course of consumption, face the fact, deal with it, and be done with it. Naperville has the real possibility of moving from Mayberry to Pottersville. And if not Pottersville, who knows, maybe we could become the new Las Vegas of the midwest.

As unlikely as that may seem, every ultimate destination begins with a first step. This is just one more step in that direction.

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