City Sales Tax, If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right

There has been much debate about whether or not to approve a city sales tax in Naperville. And if it is approved should it be 1/4% or 1/2%. Watch and listen to mayor Steve Chirico as he clearly presents the need to approve the city’s first ever local sales tax. It’s a lengthy 9-minute video but well-worth watching since the issue is one of the major decisions this council will make.

It’s clear the city has dug a financial hole, and as distasteful as a 1/4% or 1/2% sales tax is, it’s a start to filling that hole, without creating undue hardship. If a 1/2% sales tax will address the problem twice as fast as a 1/4% sales tax, then wouldn’t it make sense to create a 1% sales tax and fully address the problem and be done with it. Watch and listen to resident Bob Schroeder as he presents seven reasons why a 1% sales tax is the wise choice.

Let’s be realistic, would anyone wanting to make a $100 purchase in Naperville balk at paying $101 for it,  and be willing to travel elsewhere to purchase it, if elsewhere also has a sales tax equal to, or more than Naperville’s 1%?

And how many businesses in other towns would be more than willing to add on that 1% sales tax, if they could have their business located in Naperville.

If Naperville is going to approve a municipal sales tax, they might as well do it right, and make it for 1%.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    The problem isn’t the 1% but the fact that it come on top of all the other tax and frees that currently rob us of our assets. Tomorrow it becomes 2 % and eventually what? It is just another escape valve to let fiscally irresponsible politicians to spend and tax more with no limit in sight.

    • Scott G

      Social security was 1%. What is it now? 15% and likely to go higher. Nothing stays at 1%. Isn’t there already 1% on restaurants? Why not use that money. Probably because it’s already wasted on some other unnecessary expense.

  2. BuckNaper

    Sell the Electric Utility to generate the cash to pay off the debt. In my opinion, The City Council, City Manager and Electric Utility Manager has run it into financial ruin. None of the above has the expertise, purchasing nor bargaining power of Excelon. No government agency should be running a company that competes with private industry. No need for any tax increases. How obvious can it get?

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