“I Don’t Know That We Have To Expand Government.”

It’s taken at least five years to hear these words from a Naperville city council member, but it finally happened. Can you believe that! Newly elected Naperville city councilman Kevin Coyne took a solid stand and dared to utter the words “I don’t know that we have to expand government” as the council gets closer to considering a Mandatory Crime-Free ordinance, or the licensing of landlords. City officials don’t say those words. Most city officials live to squeeze residents and business with regulations and overreach. He proceeded those words by saying, “I’d be reluctant to support this under any circumstance.”

City council meeting agendas, typically show a “Closed Session” beginning at 6pm, but next Tuesday’s closed-session meeting is scheduled to start at 5:45pm. One could surmise that the extra time is necessary for the other eight council members to drag councilman Coyne into the inky shadows of the municipal basement and ‘tune him up’, gauntlet style, so that those words are never to be spoken again.

By doing so, Coyne has separated himself from the regulatory heard of council members and become a leading voice for residents. He is not just another Cheerio in a bowl of Cheerios, he is the strawberry on top. Or if you don’t like strawberries, how about a blueberry.

Last April’s municipal election had 20 candidates running for city council and four running for mayor. Few candidates (including Nancy Marinello), ran a campaign listing less regulation or less government expansion as part of their platform. Even Coyne waited to get elected, before standing tall with that comment. It will ring loud and clear with voters during the next election (in less than two years) when he likely will run against other 2-year term incumbents Brodhead, Gallaher, and Krummen. The next election is for a four year term, and Kevin Coyne clearly has an American Pharoar head start.

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  1. Excuse me, I did list less regulation as the first plank of my my platform. You must have missed it.

    • watchdog

      Excuse me Nancy, you are correct. You did list less regulation as the first plank on your platform. I stand corrected, and corrected the posting to reflect it. Thank you,

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Some of us had the opportunity at fund raisers to interview and interact with Mr. Coyne and Ms. Marinello. Both assured us they were essentially fiscally conservative and that government was too big for it collective britches with its leaders confusing more rules and regulations (requiring ever increasing taxes) with good governance because we collectively are too stupid to know what is best for us.

    It’s refreshing to hear a politician actually stay true to his word. Truly a rare breed and something that should be emulated versus crucified by politicians lacking integrity, honesty, competence, capability and basic common sense.

    Stay true to your principles Kevin because in the long run the sheeple will wake up and revolt against their shearers.

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