Smooth Transition For Naperville City Council

Just like that, they were there, then they were gone. The departing members of the Naperville city council had a few words of advice for the new council members on inauguration day, followed by the oath of office. Within minutes, the new city council members were seated at the dais and the departing council members were seated in the audience. It was a very smooth transition.

Councilman Joe McElroy was the first to share his final thoughts as a council member, and he did it with a bit of good humor:

Councilman Bob Fieseler had words of advice for new council members, when he said, “Keep the human touch in mind”

One wonders if Fieseler’s words of wisdom were actually heard, or if like a father speaking to his children, the words were filed away, to be remembered at a later date, if at all.

When the new council members took their assigned seats at the dais, each had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the road they took to get to this moment.

Rebecca Boyd-Obarski clearly communicated her take on the process:

Just as Steve Chirico became a councilman only four years ago, and now he is the mayor, one wonders if any one of the new council members will hold the office of mayor in the future. Placing a bet on Boyd-Obarski would not be a long shot.

Becky Anderson made a solid connection with voters, which was underlined by her comments:

Perhaps the most heartfelt, humble, and grateful, thoughts came from former councilman Kevin Gallaher, who after a 13 year absence from the Naperville city council has been given (earned) the opportunity to do it better, and more clearly focused this time around:

Each and every new council member wants to earn the faith and trust of voters and residents. Let’s hope they can make it happen.

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