What if Baltimore Happens In Naperville

It seems very unlikely that what happened in Ferguson (Missouri) or Baltimore could happen here in Naperville, but it could. Only a fool or maybe a city official would say it’s impossible. It wouldn’t take much. Somebody breaking the law. Then not following a police officer’s instructions. Then running. Then getting injured, shot, or dying. Then for the rent-a-mob, near-do-wells to pour into town. Then it’s Ferguson or Baltimore. There aren’t that many dots to connect for something to go terribly wrong.

The ‘then’ question would be, what would city officials do? The ‘now’ question is, do they have a plan, and more importantly do they have a policy in place.

Having a plan oftentimes becomes very fluid depending upon circumstances. That’s why Plan-B’s are more successful than Plan-A’s. But when it comes to a policy, that’s more concrete. So the real ‘now’ question is does Naperville have a policy in place to cover that type of civil unrest, or more appropriately the mob-mentality of destruction.

Just as city officials like to point out that the River Walk is the crown jewel of Naperville, those who are hell-bent on making a statement with destruction, might consider a Napeville-type of town a ‘crown jewel’ venue with the world’s eyes watching. Would city officials have the courage to take a stand, draw a line, support law-abiding citizens, and police enforcement, or would they do as the Baltimore mayor along with city officials did when they said, “Give those who wish to destroy space to do that as well”:

We don’t know what the new mayor and city council would do, but if they do what the outgoing city council did at the last city council meeting, by not enforcing the rules and being intimidated by a full crowd in council chambers, then we would have a huge problem if  Baltimore or Ferguson occurred here.

Which part of town would city officials allow to be destroyed. The west side of Washington Street, the south side of Chicago Street, the southeast corner of Chicago and Washington. What’s the policy? I’m sure business owners would like to know if their establishments are in the unprotected zones.

Being a Ferguson or Baltimore, no doubt, it’s a very unpleasant thought, but those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.

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