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Have you ever noticed how easy it for Naperville city officials to spend other peoples’ money. Other people being the residents and businesses of Naperville, and money being tax dollars, along with all other types of revenue city officials collect. Not only do they spend it, they also waste it. And the kicker is that they are not held accountable for bad decisions and poor judgment. That changed on January 23, when resident Kim Bendis filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Naperville.

Bendis vs. City Of Naperville

Somebody in city hall made a huge mistake when they approved the decision to arrest Kim and drag her and her family through the court system for almost two years. Naperville city officials didn’t care, it wasn’t their money and they didn’t have to spend any of their time in court. Even when Naperville’s case against Kim Bendis began to fall apart, they still tried to make her life a living hell. You won’t find any of that on the City of Naperville website, nor will you find it in any ranking listing Naperville as a ‘family friendly’ city.

When the case against Kim finally went to court last October, a jury of her peers found her not guilty. Kim and her family won, and the City of Naperville lost. Most of the rascals responsible for allowing this to happen are no longer with the city. Six or seven members of the council will be gone after the municipal election in April,  including the mayor. The police chief at that time is gone, and the city attorney pushing the issue is gone. The only rascals likely still remaining will be council members Judith Brodhead and Paul Hinterlong, along with Naperville city manager Doug Krieger.

One mayoral candidate recently said, that Krieger “deserves to keep his job as long as he wants to”. Other than Fidel Castro, who do you know that “can keep his job as long as he wants to”. Classic entitlement, but that’s for another posting at a later date.

The federal lawsuit against the City of Naperville alleges:

  • False Arrest
  • Excessive Force
  • Equal Protection Class of One Claim
  • First Amendment Retaliation Claim
  • Illinois Malicious Prosecution Claim

These are very serious claims against the City of Naperville. Bendis is represented by the powerful and usually successful  Hamilton Law Office in Chicago, and lead attorney Torreya Hamilton. Naperville city officials thought they could push Kim around, until Kim Bendis won in court, but Naperville city officials have no idea who they are up against in the form of Hamilton,

By the time the City of Naperville goes down for the count of ten on this one, Kim Bendis and her family may own the City of Naperville.

Welcome to Bendisville, a truly ‘family friendly’ city.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Hopefully she sues everyone of them individually and collectively including the councilmen who approved this action in secrete backdoor meetings. This is one of the most disgraceful episodes is our great city’s history and shows how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Time for these idiots to pay the piper! Hopefully, also, the same attorney starts a class action suit for people who had their property trespassed on and forced to take these meters against their will.

  2. Sheep Dog

    “It should be clear that only by our rule can everyone experience the full blessings of government; and though we mean to rule with “benevolence,” make no mistake, we mean to rule.”

    Progressive Manifesto

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