In Naperville, Garbage Business Is Always Picking Up

Trash, waste, refuse, whatever you call it, the garbage business is always picking up. When it came time for the Naperville city council to approve which refuse hauling contract to accept, they chose the new kid in town, Waste Management over the current hauler, Phoenix-based Republic, which had serviced Naperville for the last 14 years.

It’s a four year contract for $22.8 million or about $5.7 million per year, saving taxpayers over $330,000 per year. Recycling business will continue with Republic, formerly known as Allied Waste Services.

Republic made a valiant effort to retain the business, pointing out they got the job done after the floods of 2013, and the snow storms of 2014, and were good partners for that 14 year period, as they should have been,. The bottom line, is exactly that,  the bottom line, and the council made the right decision by resetting the base cost and saving taxpayers almost $1,000 per day over life of the contract.

As long as Waste Management can provide the same level of service or better than Republic, it will be a win/win for Naperville residents and business in terms of cost and service. Let’s just hope that the guy in the following video clip is not scheduled in your neighborhood.

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