304 Watchdog Postings And Counting

This posting marks Watchdog’s 304th posting. The first posting Who works for whom was January 2011. Since that time Watchdog has had readers from all 50 States, including DC, eight of the ten Canadian provinces/territories, and 109 countries. Watchdog has had visits to the site from 2,267 different internet networks. The site has been viewed world-wide in 2,510 cities, including 261 cities in Illinois.

Chances are that most folks viewing the website have either moved away from Naperville,  or are considering moving to Naperville, along with folks elsewhere who are experiencing many of same concerns that Naperville residents have had, or are currently experiencing, or anticipate experiencing in the future.

Watchdog groups throughout the United States and other countries have started. It’s safe to say, that Watchdog’s Statement, Mission, and Vision have become a reality, not only in Naperville, but numerous places where those governed are becoming more aware of those who govern them, and how they are governed.

Our Statement has not changed:

“We are seeing watchful eyes at both the national and state levels of government; however at the local levels of government this misuse or abuse of government is running unbridled. There are over 230 million personal computers in our country of over 300 million people. No newspaper has ever attained that kind of circulation. This website allows that type of watchful eye.”

Our Mission is on target:

“Our mission is to provide the electorate with additional eyes and ears to see and hear the nuances of actions and decisions of their local government, and a watchful eye on those who spend our hard earned tax dollars, while promoting awareness among citizen-voters about incompetence, waste, mismanagement and taxpayer abuse by elected officials at the local level.”

Our Vision remains clear and focused:

“Our vision is a term-limited, representative local government based on ethics, transparency, and accountability whereby elected officials respect their constituency and act on behalf of the citizens they represent”.

Watchdog says ‘Thank you’ to all of our readers, to all those who have made comments or sent emails, to all of those who work to make things better for the rest of us, and to all of those who subscribe to the idea if better is possible, then good is not enough.

Watchdog also thanks the Naperville city council, and city officials for creating a reason for this website to exist.

Watchdog wishes you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Happy New Year to you too Bob for the immense time, effort, energy and cost to provide this valuable service to our citizens in Naperville. Very often people forget it takes dedicated honest people to do what you do every week. Truly a vanishing breed and one which needs nurturing and expanded breeding. Keep up the great work and congratulations on the successful effort.

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