Will A Naperville City Official Answer The Call

The Naperville city council meeting will be held Tuesday evening at 7:00pm in the Municipal Center at 400 South Eagle Street in Naperville.

Among other topics, the council will be discussing and likely making a decision on additional regulations on the serving of alcohol in Naperville.

We will also know whether or not any city official will apologize to Naperville resident Kim Bendis for the unnecessary legal action taken against her by Naperville city officials. Kim was absolved of any wrongdoing by a jury on Wednesday October 1. There was no announcement on the City of Naperville website.

Nor has there been any announcement during a city council meeting or on the city website as to whether or not city manager Doug Krieger has completed his required participation in ‘harassment prevention and diversity awareness’ training. This came after Krieger received a verbal reprimand following accusations by a departing Human Resource employee that he made ‘racially offensive comments’.

Naperville city officials have given the ‘talk’ of transparency, but when it comes to action, it’s anything but transparent. With candidates lining up for the municipal spring election, this would be an excellent opportunity, for a city official to step-up and make the apology to Kim Bendis and her family, and to make the announcement regarding Krieger’s training.

Let’s see what happens Tuesday night.

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  1. Sandy

    Drove by the front entrance of Naperville Central Highschool this morning. The Ocoberfest beer flags continue to welcome students to school. Apparently, the Mayor, city management, and Council (except for Mr. Wentz)have decided that emphasizing and advertising the drinking of beer around our schools is appropriate. Those flags, in my opinion, brings the leadership to a whole new level of incompetence. Naperville has already acquired a bad reputation regarding the alcohol related nightlife. You would think that the “leadership” would, at least around the school, decide to promote healthy celebrations for our young people during Octoberfest. Teens who are already struggling with drinking problems must wonder about the double messages the city is sending, as they pull into the parking lot having a beer sign saluting them every morning. Come on, Council, Naperville is so much better than this.

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