Councilman Wehrli Says It’s Only $38,000

The Naperville city council has no problem spending money, especially when it’s not their own. The problem is the money they are spending belongs to and came from the residents of Naperville. Some members of the city council are more prolific than others in spending other people’s money, with councilman Grant Wehrli being at the top of the list. Wehrli is running for a State office, so his propensity for spending should fit in quite well in Springfield.

Watch and listen as Wehrli states that $38,000 is not that big of a number.

Granted, in a city budget of millions of dollars, $38,000 might seem like a small number, but $38,000 buys a lot of pencils. Why shouldn’t every dollar be considered important. If councilman Wehrli considers it a pittance, isn’t that the message he is sending to city staff, and doesn’t that in itself cause an issue. When city employees spend a few bucks here, and a few bucks there, all those bucks begin to add up, and that’s when things begin to get out of control.

Watch and listen to Wehrli as he again points out during the same city council meeting that $38,000 is a pittance.

And how about a third time for councilman Grant Wehrli. He makes it abundantly clear that it’s only dollars.

So what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that the good folks of Naperville need and deserve council members who consider every dollar spent as important. When the residents and businesses of Naperville earn those dollars and then turn them over to the city in the form of taxes, those hard-earned dollars need to be appreciated and spent wisely. Mr. Wehrli and other city officials need to be aware of that. Every dollar needs to be considered important. Anything less than that, is disrespectful to the voters who put them in office.

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  1. Half-A-Story

    Do your readers a favor and print what the $38K is going to be used for! It’s not obvious in the short video clips. While $38K is not a drop in the bucket, it *IS* relative considering how much money is blown on other silly endeavors in this town.

  2. Gerard H Schilling.

    This guy didn’t thinks 11 million with about 2+ million in overruns plus 11 million from the Federal government for the smart grid fiasco was no big deal why would he even care about this. Running for state office to do the same and if people vote for him it is the height of insanity. We need a write in candidate!

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