One Too Many Qualifies For Drinks And Meetings

For a period of two months, between June 18 and August 18, the Naperville city council had one meeting. So by the time of the next city council meeting, they may need to re-introduce themselves to the residents of Naperville. Keep in mind they awarded themselves benefits, including health insurance, for being part-time. It seems as though this schedule would qualify for being a part-time, part-time employee which would be a quarter-time employee.

Residents still don’t know whether or not it’s safe to re-enter the Naperville Municipal Center, also known as city hall. Just a few months ago it was considered a ‘hostile work environment’. It’s not known if city officials have been able to correct the situation. Nowhere on the City of Naperville’s website, is it reported that the ‘hostile work-environment’ is history. One would think that if things were ‘safe’, city officials would be broadcasting it loud and clear. But not a word.

This may be due, in fact, to whether or not Naperville city manager Doug Krieger has completed his ‘ordered’ participation in the city’s ‘Harassment Prevention and Diversity Awareness’ training. In most cities, the city manager is responsible for helping to formulate and approve the training, and set an example to other city employees by being a role model for good behavior and what to do. However in Naperville, city manager Doug Krieger is the role model for what not to do. Sort of like ‘Gallant and Goofus’. Naperville’s city manager is not a ‘Gallant’.

If one looks at the city’s website, there is no mention of Krieger completing his training. No one at city hall can confirm if he has completed the training. If he has completed the required training, no one can tell the difference, which means he is still up to his old behavior, or someone on the city council marked the little box on the training form as ‘completed’.

Some residents think that one city council meeting over a two month period, is ‘one’ too many. Others, like myself, would like to see the council pick-up the pace, start meetings on time,  set a good example for city staff, and get things done that benefit Naperville residents. They can do it, can’t they? On second thought, maybe one meeting, is one meeting too many.




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