Naperville Residents Lose Again To City Officials

It seems like every time Naperville residents go up against the Naperville city council and other city officials, they lose. It makes no difference if it’s a signed petition by over 4000 residents for a non-binding referendum which was denied by city officials, or if it’s a vote for district/ward representation which was overturned (city officials wanted a do-over vote), or if it’s residents wanting to protect their families and homes from the forced installation of so-called smart meters which lead to the hand-cuffing and arrest of residents including two moms, Naperville city officials keep pummeling residents.

This time it was the Naperville city council hammering residents with a double-digit electric rate increase over the next two years. It happened during last night’s Naperville city council meeting, and it comes after city officials, as recently as a few months ago, told residents rate increases should be around 2%.

City officials lead by city manager Doug Krieger and Director of Public Utilities Mark Curran reassured residents and businesses that all was well with the Naperville-owned electric utility, and that the forced installation of so-called Smart Meters would save millions of dollars. All was not ‘well’ and Naperville’s electric utility is $25 million in the red due to terrible decisions by city officials.

Either city officials were less than honest with residents, or they have no idea what they are doing or how to do it. Take your pick. Whichever you choose, it’s an obvious void in competent leadership.

City officials are quick to try and solve problems they create by squeezing more money out of Naperville families and businesses. The vote to drastically raise the rates was close; five in favor and four against.

Two of those against raising the rates last night, included councilmen Doug Krause and Bob Fieseler.

Watch and listen as Doug Krause, in an effort to help residents, wants a more timely and scrutinized look at rates.

His suggestion was quickly dismissed. He often gets ignored when he stands up for residents.

Now watch and listen as councilman Bob Fieseler takes on a leadership role, left vacant by city manager Doug Krieger, when Fieseler suggests city officials can actually do something, without hammering residents with a rate increase, which is typically the quick and easy first choice that most city officials always prefer.

Councilman Fieseler was also brushed aside, as was Krause, and the following vote was called:

Council members voting to increase your electric rates include:

* Mayor George Pradel

* Grant Wehrli

* Joe McElroy

* Judith Brodhead

* Steve Chirico

Council members voting against the electric rate increase included:

* Bob Fieseler

* Dave Wentz

* Doug Krause

* Paul Hinterlong

It’s not too soon to start thinking about the next city council election, and which council members are trying to pile weight on your shoulders, and which council members are trying to reduce the load.






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