Naperville City Attorney Gettin’ Out Of Town Fast

According to many Naperville residents, some city officials can’t get out of town fast enough, while others wonder why some city officials were selected in the first place. One of those city officials is Naperville’s lead attorney Margo Ely, who also happens to be the HR (Human Resources) director.

Margo has been a big-time friend to other city officials. She is very adept at getting them out of the quick-sand that most find themselves in often, due to bad judgment and less than wise decisions. However, she has not been a friend to residents. In fact, she has been a part of making many residents flat-out miserable with her actions. So her announcement, via Mayor Pradel, during the last city council meeting came as a relief to many.

Three things are very interesting about that clip. First, she’s getting out of town fast; in less than two weeks, she’s just a memory. Secondly, she gets a standing ovation from nine of the other ten at the dais. It’s possible that councilman Bob Fieseler has a bad back and can’t get up, or maybe he had a rough day at the office and doesn’t have the energy, or possibly he’s not a hypocrite; I like to think it’s the last one. Finally, is that the other members at the dais including councilman Grant Wehrli, erupt in applause, which is something that the same Grant Wehrli chastised residents for doing in previous meetings.

He initiated another outburst at the end of the meeting.

Apparently when Wehrli does it, it’s O.K. If residents do the same thing, he considers it a ‘method of intimidation’. That’s classic ‘Wehrli’

I for one, am disappointed to see Margo Ely go so quickly. I wish she could have stayed long enough to answer one simple, yet very important question; “How could you have allowed a 28-year contract with IMEA to be signed, with absolutely no performance provisions?”

It’s a shame she didn’t leave a day before the contract was signed. Somebody paying attention, could have caught that titanic-blunder, and Naperville residents wouldn’t have to endure 28 years worth of electric-rate misery.


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  1. Ed James

    In the end, it’s always the elected official’s responsibility for any decision at this level. Who knows what her advice was to them and if they listened to her. Like the smart meters, I would guess it was a couple of Councilmen that pushed the IMEA deal.

  2. Just Sayin'

    Watchdog: Don’t you understand there are two sets of rules? One set is for the ruling class, the other is for the unwashed masses, the citizens. Only minions are forbidden from expressing their agreement with a speaker. Royals, however, are allowed to kick citizens out of meetings, mock or harass them if they are not pleased with their 3 minutes of participation.Only in government are part time workers, who refuse to keep time sheets, granted health care insurance benefits. Some of these Council own their own buisness and transfer their healthcare costs to the taxpayer. Why are we paying people to “serve” on Council anyway? There are plenty of qualified retried and independently wealthy people in Naperville who can do the job, more effectively, without pay, as our Board members on various committees, Bob Fischer doesn’t get paid for his participation does he? Maybe volunteer Council members would actually read and understand contracts, bonds and financials before voting on proposals that affect all of us.

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