Naperville City Officials Want More Nightlife

Naperville city officials have come up with an ingenious plan to cover the millions of dollars they wasted and squandered with their electric public utility. Not only do they want to astronomically raise the rates that residents and businesses are now paying for electric, they want change the way residents live and dictate how businesses should do business in Naperville. Simply stated, city officials want residents to do what they do now, but do it at night when electric usage is less. And the same applies to businesses.

It’s the same plan that city officials have always had, except that they want to do it now, as in immediately. They want to approve and utilize TOU (time-of-use) rates for the City’s 20 largest electric customers, and then quickly follow this will all residents and businesses.

In other words, using electric when we normally use it will now cost a premium, however if we want to use it in the middle of the night, then users would pay less.  What a brilliant idea city officials are presenting; live life at night….brilliant.

So let’s take a look at some of the Top-20 Major Employers and electric users:

* Edward Hospital

* School Districts 203 and 204

* North Central College

* BMO Harris

* Office Max (oops, they decided to leave  Naperville….maybe for better rates)

* Nicor Gas

* Kraft Foods

* Nalco

* BP

* ConAgra

* Phoenix Closures

* Tellabs

And who do we have among the Top-10 Employers and glutton of electric; well none other than the City of Naperville itself.

Watch and listen as Deputy City Manager, Marcie Schatz, presents this idea

So the city wants business and then residents to do their ‘thing’ at night, let’s say between midnight and 5am when electric rates are less. What would that look like, if business and residents started living life at night, and sleeping in the daytime when rates are higher.

We could have doctor’s appointments at 1am. Surgeries could be done at 2am. School buses could pick-up kids at midnight. Curfew for kids could be at 7am. North Central College could offer only night-time classes. Get those professors and teachers in there at 2am. My neighbor could use his electric mower at 3am. Councilmen Chirico and Fieseler could charge their EV’s at 2am when they arrive for council meetings. The entire city of Naperville could be bustling between midnight and 5am. They could build the Water Street Project during those hours. Think of the possibilities…’s endless.

The City of Naperville Electric’s Utility can’t tell us what our time-of-use is, as  promised, because city officials wasted almost $1 million dollars on a company to create an e-Portal system, and now that company is heading towards bankruptcy.

I guess I’ll have to use the old-fashioned method of determining my electric usage; if my lights are on, then I’m using electric.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Let me see if I understand this? They are going to put the city and school system on TOU rates doubling the charge for their electrical use which is paid for by we the tax payers in the first place. What a bunch of morons or scam artists take you pick. I say fire the city manager. utility fund manager, chief council, chief purchasing agent. BTW what happen to our ex-financial director? Did she jump ship or get thrown under the bus?

  2. Buck Naper

    Mayor Pradel has had the best medical care available. What if he had to wait until “non peak” hours to be treated, just to be “green,” of course. How about waiting until after 9:00 PM to have a CT done on your child? Why not surgery at 2 AM? Are these people crazy? Let’s have school start at 4:00 AM! Let’s figure this out. The average hot water heater holds 40 gallons of water. How can families, who need to choose between food on the table or paying their electric bills, bathe their children, wash the dishes, and do their laundry after 9:00 PM on one tank of water? OK, I’m in. City Hall opens at 9:00 PM until 11 AM, closed on Monday and Tuesdays, of course. Christmas lights go on at 9:00 PM, when all the kids are in bed. Homework, starts at 8:00 PM, to avoid “peak hours.” But not to worry, as school, starts at 4 AM, and the kids are home at noon…they can take a nap and stay up late to do computer work! Food shop before noon, or after 9 PM because grocers can’t let customer open their freezer doors, in fear of electric rates being 2-4 times during the day.

    Stop the insanity! America has plenty of resources to provide affordable and abundant electricity, to keep The United States in business, our children educated, our families and elderly comfortable. The Naperville City Council and staff has lost its collective mind. Demand a $72 M rebate on the “premium” charge for joining IMEA (costing us $6M in extra charges per year). Allow customers access to the free market and let us choose our electric providers! Fire Curran and Krieger immediately! Did they not see this coming, despite being warned? Are they totally incompetent? Did they keep the truth from the citIzens and Council? Why were our two young moms arrested and prosecuted by the city attorney’s brother-in-law? Wasn’t the present city attorney who approved the disastrous IMEA contract? Those moms tried to warn us all about the financial nightmare awaiting all of us, and CON arrested them, making their lives a living hell for the past year. God Bless those two heroic Moms.

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