Our Mayor Is Not As Goofy As Your Mayor

At the Federal level of government, we’ve seen outrageous behavior and heard inappropriate comments from Senators and House Representatives. Likewise with State of Illinois officials. We’ve also seen and heard the same from our city council members and city manager. But now, what’s the deal with mayors doing the same thing.

Watch and listen as Conan O’Brien makes a comparison between San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, and New York City defeated mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

It even occurred just beyond our border in Canada, where Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has become a daily entertainment story.

At least you have to give Mayor Rob Ford credit for answering questions even if in the style of a game show.

So who started this trend of mayors acting goofy. Is it possible, even slightly, that our very own Naperville mayor George Pradel began the ball rolling when he picked up a hammer during a Naperville city council meeting and began to do his version of a ‘beat-down’ on a cardboard facsimile of an unwanted building here in Naperville.

Chances are pretty good that none of the four will be in office after elections, but that only means there will be others in their place, entertaining us. It makes me wonder if Naperville’s next mayor has a favorite tool in his garage.

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  1. Milt W

    Be afraid folks. These 2 appear to be just practicing their homework of “How to properly deal with a voter that they were taught in a closed door -in camera type seminar..

    At least the BC leader in BC Canada is a MILF and appears proud of it although the way she is treating her electorate makes her appear transgender.

    And Vancouver Mayor is nicknamed Moonbeam.

    Things in BC are so crooked that the new Ministers seats in BC Legislation building supply a plain brown envelope with each new for each new development proposal.

    I wish you Good luck my American fellow victims of elected justice ,

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