Naperville Councilman Builds Trust

Something very unusual happened recently within the Naperville city council. A Naperville city councilman kept his word by following through on a campaign commitment to the residents of Naperville. Relatively, recently elected councilman Dave Wentz said he would do something and he did it. This may not seem unusual, however for most Naperville city officials, this is quite out of the ordinary.

One of the planks of Wentz’s campaign was to reduce the processing time for SOA’s (Statement of Open Accounts) for simple transactions. Specifically, “the City of Naperville Finance Department announced that the projected processing time to issue real estate transfer stamps has been accelerated from 7 days to 48 hours for all single family, town-home, and condominium properties that are not foreclosures or rental properties.”

This is huge, not only because it makes the City of Naperville more efficient and business friendy to residents, but more importantly because councilman Dave Wentz took a big step in building trust with residents in displaying integrity; something that has been sorely missing by Naperville city officials.

Can anyone remember the last time council members Grant Wehrli, Bob Fieseler, or Judy Brodhead followed-through on a campaign commitment, in a manner that actually helped the residents of Naperville. The next time you see any of the three walking down the street ( surely they won’t be driving in the congested streets of downtown Naperville) you might want to ask them which campaign commitment did they fulfill. Chances are they would be hard-pressed to come up with an answer. It might sound something like this:

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  1. Bruno

    If you understood something about the economic health of suburban downtowns, you wouldn’t bash the traffic in downtown Naperville. Without it downtown merchants would not survive and one of our towns most favored assets would die along with them .

    Keep to the subject without displaying your ignorance. It disempowered your valid posting.

    • Dave

      Dear Bruno:

      We are only talking about 2 parking spots. It will not threaten the economic health of the downtown. When this was last debated before the Council in 2004 the Van Buren parking lot didn’t exist.

      Feel free to voice your opinion at the next TAB and City Council meetings so we can make an informed decision.


    • watchdog

      Hello Bruno,
      Thanks for your comment. We’ve added it to the website.
      Your thought is interesting, however four examples prove it to be
      * Barrington
      * Geneva
      * Hinsdale
      * Lake Forest
      Looks like we’ll have to agree to disagree.
      Thanks Bruno,

      ps: even council members last night were complaining about the downtown
      traffic albeit it construction.
      Traffic congestion and gridlock, for whatever reason, is not something
      to be cherished.

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