More Wisdom From Naperville Councilwoman Brodhead

 Who can forget these memorable and insightful words which were uttered at a Naperville city council meeting by councilwoman Judy Brodhead while comparing chickens and dogs:

A brilliant observation about nature and those little nuances that we overlook.

Now comes her latest effort to impress Naperville residents with her deep thoughts and philosophical wisdom. This insightful gem occurred at the recent Naperville city council meeting on Tuesday September 3. Two home owners were respectfully asking the the city council for direction and/or relief from re-occurring flooding on their property causing water damage in their homes. Brodhead’s brilliant gem of wisdom:

A stunning revelation that water, not in the pipeline, is better outside of the home, rather than inside.

Can there be any doubt why Naperville city officials are known for their pinpoint and uncanny ability to isolate issues and apply creative solutions. Yes, there can be a lot of industrial-strength doubt. One can only wish that Naperville had true leadership.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story. The two homeowners made their presentation to the Naperville city council because the city staff suggested they bring their concerns to the city council. And what was the bottom-line recommendation that the council made to those homeowners?

You guessed it. The council directed the two homeowners to take their concerns to the city staff.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Buck passing is and has always been the preferred method of politicians and their appointed, anointed and hired bureaucrats. They collectively are known as the parasitic aristocracy.

  2. really disappointed to read in the Trib about our electric rates and that they are the highest in Illinois, specially after being told by city government that “they” signed a great contract to keep our rates low. And high by a wide margin, almost double compared to our suburban neighbors in some cases. What can we do about this?

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