Naperville Has Water On Tap

 I’m a news junkie. I’m also O.C. (obsessive-compulsive). So on Sunday mornings I not only want, but need to read the Chicago Sun-Times and our local paper, the Naperville Sun. I like the Sun-Times for the sports section, and it keeps me current on crime. The local paper gives me an overview of what’s happening in the community.

As I’m scanning through the Naperville Sun, I came across an article “Call the city before you call a Council member” written by Bob Fischer. I like writers with the first name of ‘Bob’; it seems to add credibility. Now Bob is the president of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. I don’t know Bob, but I have seen him address the city council on a few occasions, and he appears to be a jolly, likeable, fellow.

As I read the article, the following paragraph caught my attention:

“An anonymous blogger, who generally looks for and reports on negatives associated with our local government, recently asked his readers to provide examples of things that had been done for them by the mayor and council. When he last reported, no one had cited any specifics. While from his perspective that is a bad thing – I think it is great. After all, we have a community where the trash is picked up, the street lights work, water comes out of the taps, police and fire departments are excellent…”

I’m just as excited as the next guy when the lights go on, my trash is picked up, and water comes out of my tap, however I think those things are also happening in Detroit and they just declared bankruptcy. The issue isn’t about comparing Naperville to the lowest common denominator (Detroit), the issue is about ‘if better is possible, then good is not enough’. Naperville is ‘good’, but better is definitely possible, hence ‘good’ is not enough.

Naperville needs better leadership. It’s not coming from the city council, though the council is better with the addition of council members Chirico, McElroy, and Wentz. And ‘better’ leadership is definitely not coming from city manager Doug Krieger, though Deputy City Manager, Marcie Schatz gives the city a ray of hope.

As I finished the morning papers, I fed my news junkie habit along with my O.C by joining my wife to watch the highly rated, nationwide ‘CBS Sunday Morning Show’ which has been airing for 34 years, and the first segment focused on a Naperville problem, as well as elsewhere.

One-half of the solution to a problem, is knowing that a problem exists, and for the most part, city officials either don’t have this awareness, or don’t want to address it, hence when water comes out of the tap, that’s good enough for city officials, but that’s not good enough for the residents of Naperville because better is absolutely possible.

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  1. Bob Fischer

    Thanks for reading my column, although it might have been helpful to have left in the gist of the message that these things (and more like a AAA bond rating Detroit certainly cannot claim) happen in Naperville without having to get favors from elected officials.. For what it is worth, in October of 2011 the Homeowners Confederation devoted our monthly meeting to drugs in Naperville and shared some chilling statistics from the Naperville Police Department in an effort to foster awareness. Following our meeting there were several more similar presentations in other venues. There is definitely awareness of the drug problem in town and to say otherwise is to ignore truth in favor of making convenient points from out of context statements.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Fischer is one of the effete snobs, politically connected and thinks and acts like he is the 10th unelected city council member. He doesn’t have a objective, critical bone is his body when it comes to city administration, policies or politics.

    • Bob Fischer

      I do not have any political connections nor am I politically active on behalf of any candidates. I guess my constant attention to the issues around Water Street just don’t count. Maybe the point is I don’t agree with you, Mr Schilling, so therefore you need to attack me.

  3. Areyoukidding?

    Well, Bob, there has been ‘awareness’ of the drug problem in Naperville since the era of the “Bridgesitters” in the late 60’s – what is that and sharing statistics worth, exactly? The lack of any real action and/or progress on drug abuse and other issues such as traffic, mass transit, bike paths, wasteful spending, etc., by government officials is the gist of the Watchdog’s message and spot on at that. Naperville seems to prefer keeping a squeaky clean image intact rather than meet issues head on. Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of favors handed out in this town!

  4. Kevin Piket

    Areyoukidding, what is your solution to the drug problem in Naperville? I am curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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