Could It Have Been A Smart Meter


Naperville had a house fire last month. Well it was a bit more than a house fire; the entire house burned down….or did burn up, either way it’s gone. These things happen. If it’s someone else’s house, it’s unfortunate, if it’s your house it’s a disaster. It happened in Naperville’s Historic District. If there’s any good news, it’s the fact that it was an unoccupied home.

Naperville Fire Department’s deputy chief said the magnitude and intensity of the fire made it impossible to determine the exact cause of the fire and categorized it as an undetermined type of electrical short. In other words, something went terribly wrong, and it could have been caused by anything.

I’ve experienced two fires in my lifetime. The first time I was in college, when my roommate put oil in the popcorn popper, and then started it, without adding corn. We then left for dinner at the cafeteria. The hot oil came in contact with the curtains and bingo, a fire resulted. Fortunately the Des Moines Fire Department responded quicker than Jimmy John’s and damage was limited. The second time, a little over twenty years ago, a defective extension cord came in contact with some laundry and resulted in extensive damage. In the first case the cause was evident while in the second case it was not as obvious but still determined.

This recent house fire in Naperville resulted from an undetermined origin. It’s doubtful it could be due to magic, voodoo, a popcorn popper, or an extension cord, however they are all possible since the Naperville Fire Department attributed it to an undetermined origin. That means it could also be due to a defective recently-installed smart meter. Smart meters have been associated with house fires.

It would be in the best interest of Naperville city officials, if a defective smart meter installation was not the cause of this undetermined type of electrical short. Sometimes ignorance is bliss for Naperville city officials.

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  1. Sharon

    It seems awfully odd that there are many electrical fires “of undetermined origins” and in many situatons the smart meter is removed before the fire inspector can do his job. Even in cases where the home owner saw the smart meter burning before the actual home has gone up in flames, the report is that there is nothing regarding meter involvement. This is happening in most, if not all, states, province and countries. Coincidence? Doubtful. A conspiracy to hide the fact that these plastic, cheaply made and badly designed transmitters that we’re being forced to have on the walls of our homes are fire hazards?? Perhaps.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    As citizens we should demand these meters be UL/CSA and FCC approved just like all other electrical and radio devices on our homes which are mandated by Federal, State and city codes.

    Who the hell are these people to be excluded from these safety requirements just because they can bribe the politicians? Our families and children’s lives are at stake here not just money!

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