It’s Barbershop Harmony Day In Naperville


The day we have all been patiently waiting for has finally arrived in Naperville. It’s the day (May 7, 2013) that the Naperville city council is officially proclaiming, (during tonight’s city council meeting) , as International Barbershop Harmony Day in Naperville. I for one say it’s about time. I’m not sure sure how many barber shops we have in Naperville, or how many barbershop quartets we have, but one thing is for sure…there will be some kind of partying going on in downtown Naperville tonight.

And that’s perfect timing, at tonight’s meeting, for the Naperville city council to add another liquor license in Naperville and raise the number from 18 to 19 in order to accommodate another eating/drinking establishment. Wouldn’t it be just easier to stop the game playing with liquor licenses in Naperville and just approve it for a limit of 100 licenses. That should cover the topic for the next few years in Naperville before they need to raise the limit again. The Naperville city council chose the direction our city will take, by approving the Water Street Project. We will no longer be a quaint family friendly city as we get bigger and bigger and more congested. We’ll need every one of those 100 liquor licenses.

Now that we have finally recognized Barbershop Harmony Day, isn’t it about time we make that proclamation by the Naperville city council for ‘Naperville Resident Appreciation Day’. Let’s celebrate all those FOIA-submitters (including councilman Grant Wehrli). Inquiring minds want to know, and the residents of Naperville really want to know what goes on in the inky shadows of city hall. In fact, rather than reading the proclamation honoring FOIA-ing residents, how about the city council sing it in Barbershop Harmony style. It would go viral on YouTube. And politicians love publicity.


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