Smart Meter Group Scores ‘Victory’ Against City of Naperville

On Friday, March 22, the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group won a ‘victory’ in Federal Court when Judge John Z. Lee allowed NSMA the opportunity to refile an amended complaint by April 5 against the city of Naperville. The judge ruled ‘without prejudice’, which opens the door for NSMA to include additional information in the suit against the city. NSMA can include the hacking of the city’s website which was down for days and was not fully restored for nearly a month, the televised arrest and viral video of two Naperville women who peacefully pleaded not to have smart meters installed on their homes, and the increasing number of cities and towns throughout the United States that are banning the installation of meters.

The judge’s ruling makes it obvious to all, other than most members of the Naperville city council, that the suit has merit. If it didn’t, the court would have dropped the suit against the city faster than councilman Bob Fieseler can ignore a resident’s email. City councilman Steve Chirico was not surprised by the action of the Federal court, and actually expected the ruling. It appears councilman Chirico might be seeing the issue of smart meters more clearly than his peers. He along with councilman Joe McElroy were not part of the vote initially authorizing meter installation. Councilman Doug Krause (also a candidate for this year’s council election) has been a strong supporter on the side of citizen’s right of choice.

The Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group consists of a large number of highly informed resident’s who are fighting for the rights of all Naperville residents to retain their analogue meters, rather than be forced by local Naperville officials to have wireless invasive devices attached to their homes.

Naperville councilmen Bob Fieseler and Grant Wehrli, along with city manager Doug Krieger have spear-headed the charge for Smart Meters, which has resulted in the forced installation of unwanted meters, a Federal lawsuit, wasted dollars being spent by the city, and overwhelming negative press throughout the country about Naperville’s city officials.

It’s refreshing to see the “good guys” win one in court. It’s like watching Florida Gulf Coast win one on the court.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It goes so far beyond smart meters these people like our Federal branches of government are hell bent on instituting a nanny city government where the few absolutely control the many by doing these types of things and wasting the tax payer’s money supporting their elitist and connected cronies.

    For specifics view this 8 min. video.

  2. Sandy Glass

    Today my daughter and I were having lunch in downtown, Naperville. My daughter received a call from her children’s grandmother stating that two men came to the door and told her they were taking, the already paid for, wired meter off her home, replacing it with a wireless meter. The grandmother asked them to wait until she could contact my daughter or her son. They did not wait, and she couldn’t go outside to see what was going on because of the small children in the house. The city had sent no notice of the action, no work order was produced, nor ID’s presented. My daughter received the anxious call. Because of the recent reports of burglaries in the neighbor we both became concerned, as there was no expectation of work being done. I had already paid for the meter, and my daughter had informed the city, when she bought the house she made the “choice” to keep the wired meter “option.” The meter is on the familyroom wall, where her young children spend most of their day playing, and she wanted to limit RF exposure. While I called the City, my daughter called the police. The police did not take a name, nor address. instead they immediately transferred her call to a city voice mail when they heard “smart meter.” The city assistant manager had no answers, and was more concerned about the tone of my call, rather than resolving the situation. My daughter had to then go to the city hall and fill out an application to have the already paid for word smart meter put on her house. I called the States Attorney’s office to file a complaint regarding the police forwarding calls to the City Hall rather than taking a report or further investigating the situation. Within an hour the city was back at my daughter’s home replacing the wireless meter on her home. Who in Naperville government has instructed the Police to triage “smart meter” calls to city hall, rather than helping citizens figure out if the persons at the home were indeed city workers or if the action was proper? Does it make any sense at all to remove an already installed meter and not inform owners of the work to be done? Why aren’t city workers instructed by management to allow homeowners time to be informed and investigate exactly what is happening? Isnt this vital when a grandmother request she be given time to contact the owners? Will the new standard in Naperville be for anyone to come onto property, claim they are doing “smart meter” work and go about their business, for good or bad without a double check? The city arrests citizens for video tapping on their own property, the city police appear to have been instructed to send calls for assistance to the city if they involve “smart meters” and the beat goes on. Let’s see. Hackers, nefarious employees, and third parties have access to our daily habits from the meters, and apparently there is a policy written by someone to send police calls to city voice mail if the citizen starts out a conversation about “smart meters.” Great job watching out for out of area grandmothers, young kids and homeowners. It just never ends with this administration. Their hard line tactics with homeowners continues…but oops, they just look the other way for Hinterlong and Krause who are breaking city ordinances with their oversized election signs. Is there something bigger going on? It’s been reported that the city sent out code officials to threaten a supporter of a non-incumbent candiates home with fines for an overiszed election banner (demanding he remove it from his own property) but the incumbents get to keep their oversized signs up? The incumbents themselves ignore their own ordinances? The meter incident occurred at the family member of the same candidate? Abuse of power? Harassment? I’m not sure, but there certainly seems to be double standards for the political elite.

  3. Sandy Glass

    Here’s the mentality of the city management. We had requested being home for the wired meter initial installation. We have an older home and we were concerned, as the neighbor’s home had problems. Of course, they did a “hot swap” during the week of the arrests, when we were not home. Our furnace computer board was destroyed, and the city agreed to pay for it. Today they, again “hot swapped” the meters…not once , but twice! Sure hope my daughter and our little grandchildren have heat…we didn’t have heat for 3 days.

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