Carol Phillips Deserves Standing Ovation From City Council

We just can’t seem to get enough of Carol Phillips. Every time she gets in front of the Naperville city council, it’s a combination of a stand-up comedy routine based on fact that deserves a standing ovation.

Her style makes you want to listen, and reminds me of a wise school principal reprimanding a class full of hooligans.

If the entire Naperville city council along with the city manager and city attorney were to debate Carol Phillips, I would gather as much money as I could and put it on Carol Phillips to win by a knockout. If the entire Naperville city council were to be replaced by Carol Phillips, Naperville would be a much more pleasant place to live.

Watch and listen to Carol Phillips as she recaps the recent PURPA (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act) meeting to the city council and then sternly censures their actions and behavior.

Carol Phillips on the problems with PURPA

She hits the Naperville city council with a Top-Ten list consisting of:

  • The meeting is three years too late
  • Not a good time of day for a meeting
  • Even the council didn’t show up
  • Meeting was ‘run’ by a clerk
  • Residents were ‘given a lecture’
  • By a person (Mark Curran) who read from a manual
  • Giving information from 1976
  • Speaking for 1 ½ hours
  • He cleared out the auditorium
  • She’s not buying what the Naperville city council is pushing.

In less than 100 seconds, Carol Phillips made more points than the Naperville city council can make in 100 minutes of endless chatter.

At the end of her presentation, she deserved a standing ovation from all nine city council members along with the Naperville city manager. They could have done it, if they weren’t slouching in their seats looking for cover.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    In some cases with age comes common sense and wisdom. She is an example of one such person and God bless her for speaking up.To bad more citizens especially seniors who know better don’t do the same.

    They own it to their parents and especially their children and grandchildren.

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