Naperville Councilman Fieseler Flubs Answer

If you want the right answer don’t ask Naperville councilman Bob Fieseler, however if you are looking for an entertaining, inaccurate answer then councilman Fieseler is the person you want. If you can’t find him somewhere in the inky shadows of city hall, you might find him stranded on the roadside, sitting in a stalled-out electric vehicle, waiting for a delivery of electric.

Apparently Naperville city councilman Fieseler has no idea where electric comes from, and he surely doesn’t know where Naperville gets its electric from. Just for fun, the next time you see Bob, ask him where electric for Naperville comes from, and make it easy for him by giving him a multiple choice answer:

  • A = Costco
  • B = Fed-Ex
  • C = Coal
  • D = Magic

Watch and listen as resident and Naperville city council candidate Jo Malik asks a question and councilman Fieseler makes the fatal mistake of trying to answer it without knowing what he’s talking about.

Bob might be surprised to find out that according to Naperville Public Works-Electric Director Mark Curran, over 60% of Naperville’s electric comes from coal.

“Curran said that Naperville had several advantages in containing energy costs in the immediate future. Currently 61 percent of Naperville’s energy, obtained through the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, comes from coal.That coal comes from two sources, the downstate Prairie State Energy Campus and Trimble County Coal Plant in Kentucky.

One advantage is that with Prairie State, the city secured a 30-year supply of coal whose costs will never increase. The cost of delivery and wages for personnel may rise with the cost of living, but the actual energy source will remain constant.

Also, the majority of the facilities at both locations are already compliant with EPA regulations set to go into effect 2018 for coal plants, city officials said.”

— Hank Beckman, Naperville Sun

It’s also quite possible that councilman Fieseler might be surprised to know that city council meetings are recorded, streaming on line, and available for the entire world to view.

My guess is that his answer above would be ‘D’ as in Magic.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It’s astounding how totally ignorant these councilmen are with respect to what they vote on and their ability to add 2 +2 and come up with 3 or 7. Smart meters add no good or service but rather only cost and intended consequences of health, safety, fire, security and privacy issues which cost millions more to correct.

    These people are so concerned with saving mother earth from the evil fossil fuel crowd, which by the way has been debunked by every major reputable study, that they outright lie and cheat to support their crony buddies and supporters.

    As to Beckman’s statement that we have a 30 yr. no increase coal contract he is as clueless as the people he continually supports. The plant he describes is 2 billion over budget and these costs are being allocated to the 28 municipal cities including Naperville.

    With this quality of reporting no wonder the Sun Times is closing by contraction. Maybe, they won’t be able to afford electricity anymore after these jerks get done cutting off all means of producing it economically.

  2. Brian Snodgrass

    Notice his reference to kids with asthma. If you don’t agree with him then you don’t care about kids. That’s why he is better (and smarter) than you. A technique right out of the Democratic Party Playbook.

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