Smart Meters are as secure as city of Naperville website

What if the Naperville city council is right about Smart Meters. Maybe everybody else is wrong. What if Naperville city manager is right about Smart Meters being safe and secure. What’s the big deal about losing a few homes here and there due to overheating meters. It hasn’t happened yet in Naperville, and if it does we have over 57,000 homes and businesses, so to have a few leveled is hardly noticeable. Maybe the Department of Energy selected Naperville, not because the city council is naïve, but because Naperville has an outstanding fire department, which is more than capable of responding to meter melt downs.

And how clever is the Department of Energy to label these meters with the acronym ‘Smart’ (Some Meters Are Radically Thermal). These Digital Utility Meters (DUM) can also be entertaining. Imagine mom or dad coming home from work, and after popping some popcorn, gathering the entire family around the computer to observe the usage of electric power in real time. Station one of the kids by the light switch to turn the lights on and off, and the rest of the family can see how much electric is saved and used as the switch is toggled on and off. There is no better way for a family to bond.

Naperville city manager Doug Krieger ‘guaranteed’ that these ‘Smart DUM’ units are safe and secure. Hacking into the Smart Grid is as unlikely as someone hacking into the Naperville city website and shutting it down. Krieger said it, and the Naperville council bought into it.

I tried to access Naperville’s website, and a message popped up which read “City Website Availability to be intermittent Throughout the Remainder of the Week”. What’s up with that; a virus is on the loose. Are you kidding me. I quickly looked for Doug Krieger’s ‘guarantee’. I found it in my ‘Can’t sink the Titanic’ file. I tried to access the city of Naperville’s website again and again for the last few days with no success. Reality set in as I crumpled into my La-Z-Boy with Krieger’s guarantee clutched in my hand. Krieger’s guarantee was nothing more than cruel joke. I felt violated.

If I couldn’t view my electric usage, what was I to do with all that spare time. I decided to buy a mini fire extinguisher, and keep an eye on my neighbor’s ‘SMART DUM’

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  1. Taggart

    It just gets worse and worse, yet the arrogant Council continues with their dangerous science experiment on their own citizens. Instead of listening to their community, they continue on a dangerous path that tramples our home security, property rights, civil rights and tries to hamper and use force,and in my opinion, intimidation and punitive fees against those of us who wish to protect our children, our health, our privacy, home security and daily activity schedules.

    The cost to maintain this vast wireless mesh network, pay for security, continual software updates, internatinal hackers, damage to property and health, complying with police and civil supoena (for defendants minute to minute energy use), data mining and storage, in my opinion, will start to cost far more than the electricity itself.

    Today it’s being reported in Business Investor and the UK that Academics in Norway are reporting that electric cars are bad for the environment!

    The Council needs to have a more educated and enlightened approach to their rush into a “green agenda.” They need to study what’s really going on, and weigh calculate the net savings on these expensive green initiatives. Do any of the Council even read anything other than what “interested” parties feed them? How can any of these Council members sleep at night? It’s one thing to advocate the use of smart meters (as Fieseler said in a recent article, that they can’t be proven to be safe), and another thing to force people to have them, using economic sanctions against them if they opt out.

    Wall Street Journal: health Experts from 20 Countries Caution about Smart Meter Risks. “Children may be particularly be at risk of developing electromagnetic hypersensitivity or diseases such as cancer from overexposure to radio frequency (RF) microwaves emitted by smart meters and other wireless devices, say 54 experts who have authored hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields…”

  2. Buck Naper

    The city’s site is now “down” for the third day. They insist that they have a virus, but virus scans and quarantines don’t take 3 days to complete. Even more troubling is the fact that the city has needed to hire a consultant to help with the problem. How many fulltime payrollers do we already have in IT? If the city is not equipped to handle a simple matter on their local area network, how can we be expected to believe that they can handle a WAN (wide area network) with over 57,000 computers (meters) attached? And let’s not mention the 57,000 new points where the network can be wirelessly hacked!

  3. Jo Malik

    I believe I asked them about this very thing at the meeting Tuesday night after bringing to everyones attention that Schneider Electric/Telvent was compromised, and I was told that N-Dimensions was making sure they were safe and secure. Never put anything of any value on the internet. And I happen to value the ability to flip my light switch and get light.

    I’m just thankful that the e-portal wasn’t up and running and that they didn’t pass this “glitch” on to all the sheeple who bought into the smart meters saving them money while they watched in real time as their usage went down when they shut off the lights.

    Way to go Napervillians!

  4. Gerard H Schilling

    Culpable liability for the city involves know hazards and conditions which jeopardizes its citizens when corrective action is available before the event occurs.
    We are at this juncture where to activate the smart meter system will result is some jerk taking down the entire electric grid including all the meters and thus depriving our citizens of electricity for an unknown period depending on the damage caused.

    All of us have 500 plus bucks of food in refrigerators and freezers, potential lost revenue to businesses, some people on various life support systems etc. and this will make for a huge class action law suit.

    The potential liability to the city far exceeds what they have wasted to date on this foolish, ego directed, crony capitalist scam. A word to the wise is usually sufficient but with this crowd they would much prefer to take the city down before correcting their mistakes. Council should stop this insanity and return the analog meters before they create a crisis of their own making!

  5. Lucie

    DO NOT REPLACE METER. We refuse the smart meter due to hetlah and privacy issues. Also inside are several sheets explaining what makes smart meters so dangerous, and numbers and websites that will help people either avoid getting a smart meter, or what to do if they already have one. We handed out around 40, and probably already have that many more people around here refusing a meter (I think and hope I’m seriously underestimating that number, since we’ve had a letter to the editor and an article based on a previous visit to another local city).Keep up the good work, everyone. We are, slowly but surely, going to save as many people as possible from the smart meter debacle. They’re so bad that I think, eventually, every single one of them is going to have to be removed. And we’re going to speed up that process considerably!

  6. Milt W

    People opposed to smart meters

    BC hydro has just today (Jan. 27) 2913 backed down from forced smart meter installation. It can be done with pressure from the citizens. Contact your stop smart meter groups and fight these death data distribution centers. The only ones that will benefit the sale of smart meters are the manufacturers of smart meters.

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