Smart meters: Smokin’ hot

You have to give the Naperville city council along with city manager Doug Krieger a lot of credit; no amount of information about the dangers of smart meters will change their mind regarding the installation of those meters to more than 57,000 homes and businesses throughout Naperville.

They are an extraordinary confident group of politicians that will not be swayed by any amount of proof or evidence that smart meters are neither smart or safe. It makes absolutely no difference that medical, safety, and security experts disagree with the Naperville city council. It makes no difference to the council or city manager Doug Krieger that cities throughout the country are stopping the installation of ‘smart’ meters in favor of their resident’s safety. Yes, the Naperville city council and city manager Doug Krieger will not be moved by reports of smart meters overheating and catching fire in the Chicago area. Apparently from the council’s and Krieger’s point of view, it’s not that big of a deal.

Naperville has thousands of homes and businesses, so what’s a few fires here and there. Naperville has one of the finest fire departments in the Chicago area, so if and when smart meters overheat and cause smokin’ hot fires that ignite homes like Bunsen burners, it’s just more opportunities to show Naperville citizens that fire trucks really look and sound cool.

House fires have an upside; more permits will need to be issued for rebuilding, hence more dollars in the city coffers. Those dollars can then be used to fight the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group in court. That’s the group of dedicated, highly educated and informed Naperville citizens trying to protect all Naperville residents in Federal court against the city of Naperville’s attempt to forcefully install smart meters on our homes and businesses.

Naperville city officials say that the meters are safe. If J. Bruce Ismay of the White Star Line (builder of the Titanic) can say, “Even God can’t sink this ship”, then when the council and city manager say smart meters are safe, it must be true…right? City officials are eager to mention that there have been no fires associated with the installation of smart meters in Naperville (yet). It sure sounds like the Naperville city council along with city manager Doug Krieger are foolishly,  ‘smokin’ hot’ confident.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Some of us brought up the fire hazard issue from the very beginning (2 yrs ago) and we were told we were delusional and worse liars. We have gone before council pleading, imploring and begging them to hold up and research these Orwellian devices before committing our scarce tax dollars and resources.

    We were demonized, insulted, threaten and marginalized by the full force of the city, their overpaid consultants and the industry so we petitioned our government for a referendum of which 4200 people signed only to have it negated by game playing, council member intervention, corrupt politicians as well as an incompetent city manager.

    Now, they are about to experience the fruits of their duplicity and some believe illegal labors. May they cook in their own juices but be safe in their home. We still recommend buying an extra fire extinguisher and placing it close to their beloved smart meters which aren’t UL/CSA approved. Had they been we wouldn’t have the problem!

    Lastly the 200 claimed defective lugs/sockets which their unqualified installers broke should be replaced free of charge by the city and billed back to this vendor. A much bigger concern is how many more did they damage while installing and won’t manifest themselves until fires occur?

  2. Jennifer Stahl

    “Apparently from the council’s and Krieger’s point of view, it’s not that big of a deal.”

    Yes, they’re taking the same attitude as they did when the Electoral Board (Pradel, Krause, LaFeber, under advisement of Ely) violated Illinois state law on three occasions early this year, after a shill objected to a petition for referendum on the smart meters.

    Anyone with common sense can read this document from the Attorney General’s Public Access Board and find in pretty simple terms that they did the people wrong:

  3. milt whiteduck

    If some one were kind enough to type in “smart meter fires” for the mayor and council a lot of material (documented) would come out.
    But from the way your page reads I would say that it is a case of “follow the money”.
    If your citizens want proof of the proven dangers of smart meters go to any of the many sites available by googling “dangers of smart meters”

    You must keep up the pressure and remember how you were treated come election time when all sorts of promises are and will be made.

    Saw the video of your mayor allowing and ordering the police force to arrest home owners and females for attempting to protect their own safety and property.
    First thing that came to mind was disgust at the attitude towards the mayors voters tahn I get curious as to who is paying the wages or bonuses.

    Thought BC and Quebec were corrupt but your mayor appears ready to move up here.

    Good luck in your fight to stay alive.

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