Naperville city council accomplishments trumped by colossal failure

It happens all the time. A life time of accomplishment negated by one defining moment or action as in Joe Paterno at Penn State, Richard Nixon and Watergate, or Bill Buckner in Boston; bad judgment, a cover-up, or a baseball going through for an error, that’s what we remember. And the same holds true for the current and previous Naperville city councils with regard to their huge mistake in ‘forced’ installation of Smart Meters on the homes and businesses of Naperville residents and business owners.

Whatever achievements these two Naperville city councils have realized or effected, will be greatly diminished if not erased by the negative legacy they will leave behind. With regard to the Naperville city council Smart Meter fiasco, each council member’s byline could read, “At the time I thought it was a good idea”, as is the same for Paterno, Nixon, and Buckner.

The unfortunate outcome isn’t that the council erred in their decision-making, it’s what they did after they made the decision to ‘force’ Smart Meters on the residents of Naperville. As is often the case, it isn’t until after a decision is made that you know if it was a good decision or bad decision. Other than council member Doug Krause who had the courage and wisdom to change his position on the issue, the other eight council members along with Naperville city manager Doug Krieger dug their collective heels into the sand and stuck with the bad decision.

In essence, Naperville officials became a hollowed-out shell of lemmings, and they did this by renouncing science, being unaffected by facts, undeterred by fresh data, intolerant of resident resistance, demonizing the opposition, and exhibiting headstrong ignorance of reality. The Naperville city council and city manager became a monolithic, bureaucratic group practicing what is commonly referred to as ‘gangster politics’ by shutting down those who oppose them. It appears that the Naperville city council, and city officials are becoming Orwellian in nature, and moving towards a futuristic totalitarian government.

Watch and listen as Naperville residents voice their opinions to an unreceptive city council, followed by a Philadelphia Fox TV video showing exactly what the Naperville city council is unwilling to recognize.

Tom Glass

Jo Malik

Kathryn Kotecki

Glen Mendoza

Fox TV Philadelphia

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    As in the Greek Hydra story the monster(Smart Meters) have many heads (unintended consequences) starting with unjustifiable cost to benefits, health hazards ( EM radiation exposure), safety (shocks) security (hackability), privacy (warrantless searches), raised electric rates(TOU rates) and now fire risks (no UL or CSA labeling).Ones yet to be discovered involve huge maintenance and equipment replacement and repair costs plus overruns.

    Now the same geniuses who brought us SMs want to install throughout Naperville electric car charging stations at 10k a pop for the possibly 10 cars owned by the political and elite snobs who want you to pay for their extravagances.

    May I suggest city council find out how many of these no longer manufactured cars exist in Naperville and put a surtax on the owners to pay for these stations instead of dumping the cost on us the overtaxed citizens.

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