Naperville city officials wasting tax dollars again.

One would think by the actions of the Naperville city council, that the city was overflowing with extra dollars to simply give away for pet projects of the council. As the city of Naperville continues to pile on needless debt, city officials have decided to raffle off five (5) electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) desperately trying to stimulate interest in something the vast majority of citizens have absolutely no interest in; the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative (NSGI).

The raffle is open to DPU-E (Department of Public Utility – Electric) customers who currently own an electric vehicle which probably means that four of the five EVCS’s will remain unclaimed.

Winners (or losers depending upon how you look at it) will be required to:

  • pay “miscellaneous income” tax to the IRS
  • allow DPU-E to install the EVCS at the recipient’s address
  • allow DPU-E to install a second (sub) meter at the recipient’s address
  • sign up for the sub-metering rate for either the flat or time-of-use rate
  • allow DPU-E to collect and record all usage data
  • assume responsibility for a service upgrade, if necessary, for additional service line, which means the recipient will need to review their service and load panel with an electrician and then consult with DPU-E in order to be aware of potential additional cost.

Is it any wonder the city is trying to find residents to participate in all this work. Here is a thought, rather than inflicting residents with EVCS’s, how about each council member be required by ordinance to obtain and drive an electric car, and be required to install EVCS’s in their front yard. And by the way, for all of you who live near a council member, take note if they are driving ‘electric’, or if they, like the rest of of us, are choosing safety and reliability in our current vehicles.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Better idea- vote these idiots out of office, fire the city and works department managers, sell the electric company and with the proceeds pay off our bond and pension liabilities!

  2. Tagart

    Ever notice how much harder we all are working for big government and their crony big buisness friends? Now we are self-checking at grocery and hardware stores, we have to constantly monitor our credit card and bank statements for fraud, we have to sort our garbage for Waste Management, or spend hours helping our kids with their homework (instead of just relaxing together as a family). Now the City wants us to check in with them before we wash clothes, heat our homes or God forbid, use our air conditioners during “peak” hours. Will citizens have enough time to just go to their jobs or concentrate on their businesses so they can pay the mind numbing taxes, fees and service charges imposed upon them?

    I like to see any of the council members put their grand kids in the back seat of one of these Volts and run down Washington or the highway. Their eyes (or is it ambition) is so blinded by their “green” agenda (21) that they seem to “think that all they need to do is just plug their electric cars into the wall and they have an endless supply of magical juice.” (Mark Levin). Their electric cars are being run on coal, folks. The only “green” that Council and friends are imposing on us is the color of our hard earned money being spent on crony big business and global elitist agendas that are breaking the economic backs of Americans.

  3. Richard Hutter

    It’s simple. Separate “needs” from “wants” which in this case is again a politically motivated decision by Big Brother wanting us to have EV’s. $43K for a Volt?? Ah, but don’t forget the tax incentive by the Fed, Gov’t which equates to more debt on the backs of each taxpayer. There is no free lunch folks, just look in the mirror and you’ll see who is paying. If your offspring maxed out his credit card that you gave him and couldn’t pay for it, would you give him another???

  4. smart guy

    Well, we can never be sure who the winners (losers) will be, but I’d bet some of the usual suspects are in the mix. I’d like to take a stab at it:

    1) William Dawe, Board Member of NCEC and the one community member to be manipulated by Fiesler into objecting to the NON-BINDING referendum that over 4000 residents signed requesting the ability to VOTE on the project before we spend the tax payer dollars. Dawe, along with the Naperville Electoral Board played a major role in barring ballot access. Not something to be proud of.

    2) Kevin MacQuillan, Attorney for William Dawe. Nothing more to say.

    3) Stephanie Hastings, President NCEC. Stephanie is in so deep with Bob Fieseler its impossible to tell where one starts and the other ends. Stephanie obviously thinks that smart meters are going to save the world and can’t hear a valid argument from the other side. What will Stephanie do when she is on the opposite side of an issue with Fieseler. She’ll be able to do nothing, because her buddy Dawe has contributed to the council’s pattern of “you’ll take it and like it” mentality. She won’t get a vote. And like the hundreds of residents who feel their rights are being violated right now – so will she.

    The Electoral Board should resign or be fired.
    The city attorney should be fired.
    The city manager should be fired.

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