Attorney General’s office cites Naperville Electoral Board on violations.

The Naperville Electoral Board consisting of Mayor Pradel, councilman Doug Krause, and city clerk Pam LeFeber said they didn’t do it. The city attorney, Margo Ely adviser to the board, said they didn’t do it. The city manager, Doug Krieger, said they didn’t do it. However the Illinois Attorney General’s office, after an investigation, said they did it, and they should not have done it.

What they did was violate the Illinois Open Meetings Act in conducting its hearings regarding objections to a non-binding (advisory) referendum on the Smart Grid Initiative.

The residents of Naperville said the Naperville Electoral Board violated the open meetings act. The Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group said the Naperville Electoral Board was in violation, as did the groups attorney, Doug Ibendahl.

The group, along with more than 4,000 citizens who signed a petition,  simply wanted to get a non-binding referendum on the ballot last spring, asking the voters if they wanted the unpopular $22 million Smart Grid Initiative stopped. By violating the Open Meetings Act, it resulted in Naperville residents being denied the opportunity to vote on the smart meter program which is now the subject of a lawsuit in federal court which has a status hearing set for August 16 in Chicago.

In essence the Naperville Electoral Board is an extension of Naperville city council, since two of three board members are part of the nine-person city council, and the city attorney sits with the council during meetings, while the city clerk is also part of the meeting. So who’s watching who? You would think that someone on the Naperville city council, or the city attorney, or city manager or clerk would have an epiphany and say, “Hey, wait a second, what we are doing is wrong, and it’s wrong in so many ways”, but not one person stood tall and did the right thing.

It took the Illinois Attorney General’s office to set the council straight. Naperville city manager, Doug Krieger said, “we appreciate the Attorney General’s guidance to help improve our process”. Isn’t this the purpose of the city attorney, to provide guidance. And isn’t this the purpose of the city manager, to provide an accurate process. Why have a city attorney or city manager if they are not providing guidance and process. Could it be that an upgrade in talent is in order for both positions? Either that, or just run everything by the Illinois Attorney General’s office before the Naperville city council takes any action on anything.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    They like most of the politicians and bureaucrats in this state, county and Federal government believe that laws, rules and regulations apply only to the hapless citizens and never to them ergo the total and complete disconnect with reality.

    We live in a time when individual rights, freedoms and constitutional laws of, by and for the people is perishing from our great country because of greed and corruption caused by crony capitalist in collusion with the PBs.

    Smart meters are the tip of the iceberg! The insidious creep of what is called,” SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES”, is the long range threat to our total freedoms. When you are mandated by these thugs as to where you can live, what food you can grow and eat, if and when you can have kids, where and when and how you can travel, what energy and water you can use, what medical care you are eligible for than your serfdom /enslavement will be complete. This is the ultimate goal of their Agenda 21 programs.

  2. FedUp and Disenfranchised

    It is obvious that members of the City Council and City Manager’s office, who orchestrated this kangaroo court and knew full well what they were doing, were willing to VIOLATE THE LAW rather than let the citizens of Naperville vote on how THEIR tax money should be spent. They have become corrupt – putting their own agendas above the democratic process and the rights of the people they are supposed to serve. They aren’t fooling anyone….and they are a disgrace to our city and themselves..

  3. Taggart

    If the City Manager, Council, Mayor and Attorney can’t protect Naperville citizen’s right to participate in THEIR government, their civil rights, nor their access to the ballot what else is going on in this city? Can we really trust any of them to protect our health, safety, privacy, or property rights? If corners were cut and mismanaged in the Election process, how can we be assured that money, ambition and crony business interests aren’t taking priority over the well being of the Napeville citizens? Who will Krieger turn to for guidance if the people of Naperville have their home security, privacy, health, safety or well being breached by the vast wireless mesh network that they are forcing on all of us? The arrogance is so thick that none of them had the decency to apologize to those who wished to have their voices heard.
    What we really need is a “smart meter” for the Council so we can monitor their minute to minute activities, bringing transparency of their activities and motivations.

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